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5 Ways To Keep Your Household Safe And Sound

Every year, catastrophes from falls, burglaries, electrocutions, and fire outbreaks befall many people worldwide. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the number of emergency consultations at various hospitals through accidental injuries alone is 30.6 million annually. Several of these accidents could have been prevented had the right safety practices been implemented at home. So, to avoid adding to the number of annual hospital emergency visits resulting from accidents in your household, you should consider following these five safety tips.

Secure medicine in locked cabinets

If medication is left in places where children can easily reach for them, the likelihood of a child getting poisoned accidentally becomes very high. Therefore, keeping medicines locked safely in cabinets where children cannot easily get to them is advisable. Doing this also reduces the possibility of you or any other adult in your home mistakenly consuming the wrong medications. The chances of unintentional poisoning will be reduced to the barest minimum in your home.

Reduce your risks of fire outbreaks by fixing faulty appliances

One of the common ways by which you can reduce fire outbreaks in your home is to hire qualified servicemen for any electrical repair you may want to do in your home. Hiring professionals to work on your faulty electrical appliances reduces the risk of fire hazards you would have faced from the defective appliance or your attempt to fix it. Many people have lost their properties to fire outbreaks because they did not use expert practitioners.

Avoid smoking indoors

Another culprit for fire hazards is smoking. You may have your smoking kits near you in your home. One thing you should learn to avoid is smoking indoors. This is because smoking indoors is waiting for an accident to happen! A vast percentage of your rooms are filled with cotton, linen, and silky materials. These materials are susceptible to catching fire and easily spreading it through your home.

Always use your intercom or door peephole

When you are at home and you hear a knock on your door, don't be in haste to open up. It will help if you first check your intercom or peep through your windows or door peephole to confirm the person's identity at the door before opening it. This will ensure that you do not open your home to malicious people.

Get a guard dog

Guard dogs that are well trained can be more useful than human security guards. Getting and training a guard dog for your family will ensure that your home is protected from unauthorized persons no matter the time of day. When intruders know you have dogs at home to protect you, they will think twice before attempting to rob your home. After all, no one wants to be at the mercy of a dog that's good at its job.

Your home and family are dear to you. This is why you must implement and carry out effective safety measures. Through the adoption of these easy habits, you can make your home very safe and comfortable.


Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies
Apr 18, 2023

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Aug 01, 2022

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