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Your Eyes Look Like Coming Home

This post was originally published on our old site Born to be a Bride.

Our photographer Elisabeth Millay posted a collection of photos from our wedding on her blog yesterday. Wow. I was completely blown away by the amazing shots she’s revealed, and it only made me that much more excited to see the rest of the photos. But I promise, Elisabeth, I will stop stalking you now. You’ve given us enough to look at until all the editing is done and the rest of the shots are ready for us to see.


I wanted to share this one with you as it didn’t make the post, but Elisabeth emailed it to me last night as a little bonus. Every time I look at this shot I remember the feeling of standing there with him on the beach. I know it sounds corny but if you are a bride, you must make sure to get a shot where you are looking into each others’ eyes. It’s a moment you’ll always remember anyway, but it’s even better when captured.


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