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Why New Moms Need to Go Out & Get Manicures

This post originally appeared as "Mani Monday & the Little Things" on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

Here is the truth. I have been feeling v v overwhelmed. I have an infant daughter, which is its own bag of joyful crazy. A lot of people don’t realize that in addition to this blog (which is work, by the way), I do have a job. Freelancing, working from home, often gets this reputation of being a pj’s-only, cakewalk of a gig.

Not so. Friends with kids ask me all the time, “who watches the baby while you work?” Um. Me. I do… “Oh, so you work when she naps.” Um. She doesn’t always nap. And then there’s the laundry, the shopping, the cleaning. I am in this middle place between being a working mother and a stay-at-homer, and for the most part it is very happy indeed. But we all need our moments, and for me it’s the manicure.

One blissful hour, every two weeks is mine. I can’t touch the phone, because my hands are occupied. There’s no email, no Instagram feed, no diapers, no dishes, no deadlines. Just a little bit of well-earned pampering. And don’t we all deserve it? Moms need breaks. Brides need to test colors.


And the rest of you gorgeous gals — life gives plenty of excuses to treat yourself. What I am saying isn’t groundbreaking. It’s not even something you don’t say to yourself. But sometimes we all need a little reminding, so this is me telling you to get the manicure.

{Last week, the color I chose was just so perfect I have to share. An easy and alluring neutral for the new mom who might chip easily and certainly can’t go back in for a quick fix any old time, but equally lovely for the bride, CND’s Romantique gel polish is my new favorite.}

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