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Why Downsize Your Home

There is nothing more exciting than being able to plan your own home, and if you are ready to downsize then you will be feeling excited by the prospect of having a smaller space to clean! Most people choose to downsize their home when their families are leaving the nest, because there is no use in having a large house for everybody to rattle around in.

However, it can be difficult to leave the house where you’ve made so many memories over the years to live in a new place that has been created by tiny home builders. However, many older adults find that after retirement they no longer want to worry about cleaning a bigger house, and their memories are in the people that have already moved out. Whether you’ve been newly retired or you’ve been living as a retiree for many years, you have to consider the benefits that come with downsizing. There are five reasons why you should downsize your home.

  • There is far less worry about maintenance. A smaller home or even an apartment means a lot less upkeep both inside and outside the house. When you are living on one floor, you are living conveniently and you reduce the need for stairs which can become dangerous over time. When there is less upkeep, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of your retirement money trying to keep up with keeping the house fixed and in good condition. If you go to a senior living community, you’ll also no longer have to shovel the snow or cut the grass because there'll be more time to do that with somebody helping you.

  • You have more free time. Now that you don’t have a giant house to clean or maintain, you get to free up a lot more time for things that you enjoy. If you love to swim or spend time with your family, friends or grandchildren, you’ll be able to do this. You are much more equipped to simply enjoy your life when you have downsized your home.

  • You have far less to worry about. A house can come with a lot of worries, especially with the cost of living and energy rising right now. You can worry less about the unexpected, focus on enjoying your retirement, and not panic about the roof leaking all the pipes clogging as often. When you have one bathroom instead of three, you’re going to sell a very big difference!

  • You will ease your financial worries. As we said, the cost of living is rising, as are the costs of property taxes. These costs generally tend to add up, and they are always bigger costs when the house is bigger. Downsizing will reduce those daily living expenses and help you to not panic about your pension and how far it will stretch.

  • Your future is set. When you downsize your home, you bring in more money than you had before. That means you could pretty much live mortgage free in a tiny home.


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