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When You Move Into A Nightmare Home

This is someone's lifestyle right now. When you think about moving home and all of the happiness that it's going to bring, it's something that you just can't wait to do. There's so much pressure on society to move out whilst we're young. No matter hold old you are when you move you, the excitement of it all is just too much to contain. The whole process of going to look at homes that you love with someone you love, is just so much fun.

You can explore homes that you might never have to live in, and you can explore areas where you're potentially going to spend the rest of your life. However, what happens when the home just isn't what you thought it would be? It's easy to make a home look good on the surface of it all. It's sort of like buying a car. You can make it look and sound good for a while, but a few months down the line the exhaust pipe might be hanging off.

But when it comes to your home, repairs can total up to being far more than anything would on a car. At least with a car you can get warranty and different car packages. With your home you're limited to your own bank account to fund anything, which might not have much money in it considering you just moved home. So, keep on reading, and we'll show you what changes might need to make to your home not long after you've settled in it.

Replacement Fixings

The fixings to your home are things like your windows and doors. Parts that have literally been fixed to your home to make it look like a home. Replacements for these can get really expensive, especially if you need a lot of them doing. It's hard to look out for something like this when you are planning on buying your first home. If you're walking around the home and you don't have a clue about windows, it would be easy to think that as long as they don't look cracked and horrible, that they're fine. It's not like the estate agent is going to tell you that each window needs placing either, he's going to tell you that it's double glazing and that's all you need to know. It won't be until you're living in the home and staying in the rooms that you'll notice a draft, or you'll even be able to hear one coming through.

So, what you need to do is check out Olympia Window and see what prices you would be looking at paying. You're going to see such a benefit if you invest in some new windows. Your home will be easier to heat, and you might even benefit noise wise because you won't be able to hear anything coming from out there! The doors of your home will only really need replacing when they stop working properly.

A Spruce Up Of The Garden

If there's one thing that can be said about someone trying to sell their home, it's that they don't often focus on the garden. If the garden of a home is something the owner has never bothered with before, they just don't tend to spruce it up for sale. Or, the other scenario is that it looks beautiful at the time you're putting a deposit down on it, but during the whole fiasco of selling a home it just gets completely ruined. Everything's taken out of it and it's not cared for for potentially months.

So you walk into a garden that needs a spruce up, and we know that it's easy to do. It's probably best to wait until March when the weather starts warming up. All you need to do is create some lawn space, or if you don't have a lawn then perhaps rake away any leaves and rubbish that has fallen on the patio. Mow the grass or jet wash the patio, and it'll come to life just a little bit. All you need is some really pretty flowers to plant in pots or in the ground if you have space, and it will look more than suitable.

The Electric & Plumbing

Another thing that you can't tell is going to go wrong when you buy a home. In fact, these two things are probably something that nobody ever checks when buying a home. You don't walk around the home and ask to run the taps or turn every light on. Especially since you're most likely going to be doing the viewings in the day time.

What you will do, is assume that everything is OK because why else would they sell their home without any working plumbing or electricity. Well, it might be that they didn't know there was a problem to report. Problems with plumbing and electricity can happen at any time of the year, and any moment of the day. There might have been a little problem with the wiring that nobody knew about, but that does need solving.

You need to look out for signs such as the lights not turning on properly, flickering, or the wrong light turning on for the wrong button. A simple electricians visit will solve the problem. The same goes with the plumbing. Trickling taps can easily be solved, but can turn into a big problem if they're left.

Hidden Horrors

Hidden horrors are the absolute worst to walk into. You don't necessarily see them because you're not looking for them. It's things like mould in corners that you wouldn't have noticed it that gives us the creeps the most. It can usually be found in built in wardrobes. The mould turns the corners of the carpet black, and it's just not nice to have your clothes around it. There are mould treatments, but most people like to just have fresh carpet in their home when they move in so it feels more like their home. Especially if the carpet from the previous owner is a little dated.


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