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When Life Steps In

This post originally appeared on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

Like many moms do at times, I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed the past few weeks. Between the piles of stuff to handle on the home front, some severe teething symptoms, work obligations, and family plans, it’s just been a lot. Josh and I reset with a fabulous vacation at the beach in Delaware over the long weekend, a welcome change of pace and something special to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. Willow was a champ the entire time, her only meltdown occurring when we gave her a few licks of Josh’s ice cream and she decided she wanted to finish the whole thing!

My birthday is tomorrow, so I’m sure you can expect some sort of sappy post on the aging process, which I always seem to include. It really is incredible how fast the years start whipping by — this time last year I was seven months pregnant and celebrating the big 3-0 in a super-sweet little red maternity dress. Now, I’m turning back the clocks and hitting 29 again in style. It’s interesting being back in New York for my birthday week this year — there’s the obvious sadness and overwhelming sense of remembrance that is felt so strongly here on September 11, of course. And then, it’s Fashion Week, so I’m flitting off to events and trying to wear heels and feeling a bit like a fraud because a) I’d rather be home with Willow even though I know this stuff is important and fun and b) these days I live in leggings so a real outfit feels awkward in the very best way.


So, that’s the smattering of random thoughts that are going on inside my head as I’ve realized that life stepped in this week and last and I haven’t really posted much. I hope you’ll forgive the spotty frequency as we move toward fall with lots of product reviews, beauty tips, and family pics, too. Happy NYFW, guys!

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