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What to Expect from your Moving Company

Moving can be incredibly stressful, and that’s true whether you’re moving just down the block or across the country. All the various components of moving - packing, loading the truck, hauling all your items, renting a storage facility, transferring over utilities, worrying about deposits, cleaning, repairs, settling into a new location - when combined together can be incredibly overwhelming.

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Hiring a reputable moving company to handle the actual moving part is a great investment, because they can take the hard part off your hands so you can focus on the other aspects of your move. If you’re considering hiring movers to handle your next move, there’s a few things to look for when hiring a company. Let’s go over some of them:

Thorough Planning and Organization

Most movers, when you first give them a call, will find out basic information about your move - the location you’re moving to and from, the size of your house, the amount of property, the date you need to move, and so on. Many moving companies have a checklist of these details and will go over them with you right on the phone. Moving companies that go through your house room by room, meticulously listing your furniture and property, so that they can give you an accurate quote, are the best ones. These companies will also find out in advance if you need extras, such as packing services or materials, accommodation for extremely heavy or fragile items, and so on.

Take the time to compare quotes from moving companies that go into detail like this; these are the ones who take their jobs seriously and will treat your belongings with the very best of care.

Experience and Reputation

A quick search online will tell you everything you need to know about the moving company you’re considering. Pick a reputable company that has many years’ experience in the moving industry with a trusted, reliable team. Read reviews and ratings from customers who have used them and look for any major issues or red flags. You want to go with the company that has the best customer service ratings and reputation.


Some people mistakenly think that the more expensive a moving company’s rates are, the better service you’re getting. Sadly, in most cases that isn't true. It’s important to compare quotes and available services from many moving companies, to get a good idea of which one is the best value for money. You shouldn’t have to overpay to get great movers.

It can be tempting to save money and try to move on your own, or to enlist a few friends and family. But hiring movers is a great way to ensure that your items are being taken care of and transported by trained professionals like Allied Van Lines Canada who have the best methods and experience to get you moved quickly and efficiently, all while keeping your items safe and sound. It’s worth the money for the peace of mind you’ll get and the time you’ll save. Happy moving!


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