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What To Do When Your Home Feels Small

You may have a growing family and are feeling tight on living space. Be glad to know there are steps you can take when your house feels small to create more comfort for you and your loved ones. It’ll require some creativity and effort on your part but it’ll be worth it in the end.

The last situation you want is for your home to feel crowded daily. The following ideas will help you brainstorm ways to deal with a small home and hopefully turn your situation around for the better in the end. Let these ideas get you on the right track to feeling confident that you have options and can create a better living space for you and your family to reside.


A wise first step when your home feels small is to take the time to sort through all you own and get organized by decluttering. Get rid of items you no longer need or want and make your life easier and less chaotic. Make room for what you love and only keep and display what enhances the look of your home. Go through closets, your basement, and any boxes you have sitting around and figure out what you can dispose of or donate to create more space in your home that feels small.

Brighten it Up

You can also choose to brighten and lighten up your space when your home feels small. A dark and dingy home will make your property feel smaller than it truly is. Bring in and add more light by opening up your window treatments and blinds during the day and adding windows or skylights if possible. Clean your windows to remove any dirt that may be blocking natural sunlight from entering your home. Also, replace old light bulbs and fixtures and consider putting some lights on dimmer switches so you can make certain rooms brighter when you want.


Another option is to move and build a new home that’s bigger and more suitable for your family size. If you want a custom home and to have more control over how it looks, consider Bay to Beach Builders who can help you build an attractive and quality home for you to live in. You’ll be able to add more bedrooms and space and ensure that your new property is large enough for all your stuff and furniture. While moving is a big undertaking, it may be the best option if you feel your current property doesn't have enough square footage.


How you decorate can also impact how small your home feels. Instead of decorating out and taking up floor space, consider using your walls and putting items vertically. You can add shelving options and go from floor to ceiling to ensure no space is wasted. You can also decorate with mirrors to make your rooms and home feel larger. Additionally, store your items below or above but not out. You might also want to consider getting furniture that has storage compartments for your belongings.


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