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What Should You Do With an Old Couch?

There’s no denying that a couch offers a comfortable place for family members and visitors to sit and relax in your home. Some couches double up as temporary beds for visitors or secret ones for pets to enjoy when their owners are away from home.

Couches sadly don’t last forever; even ones that see little use will start seeing signs of wear in just a couple of years. Well-used couches could end up ready for recycling in only five years. If you have an old couch, here are some ideas to revive some life back into it:

Get It Professionally Cleaned

Cleaning your couch isn’t necessarily a typical household chore; it’s something householders only do if they spill something on it accidentally.

As you can imagine, despite a householder’s best efforts, some stains seem almost impossible to remove. When that happens, the couch can become discolored and, in extreme cases, become an eyesore.

One thing you could consider is having your couch cleaned by a professional upholstery cleaning company. It’s no secret that couches can become magnets for dirt, grime, and accidental food and drink spills.

A professional will use commercial-grade cleaning equipment like steam cleaners and agitate even the most stubborn stains without damaging the underlying fabric or leather. Once the cleaning is done, your couch can end up looking brand new.

Have New Foam Fitted

Virtually all modern couches and sofas have foam cushions. Foam can come in various densities, and they last for a long time in daily use before they lose their bounce and volume. It’s at that point where many people discard their couches and buy new ones.

However, the problem can get quickly and affordably resolved by merely replacing the worn foam with new ones. As mentioned a moment ago, you can buy foam in different densities or thicknesses; you’ve got the opportunity to buy firmer foam if you wish.

Cushions usually have zips so that you can replace the foam yourself. But, it’s worth noting that the base of some couches has fabric stitched around the foam and onto the base itself. In those cases, you’ll need an upholsterer to replace the foam for you.

Dye the Fabric

Have you noticed that your couch’s fabric isn’t looking as vibrant as the day you bought it from your local furniture store? That’s because many years of sunlight can result in a bleaching effect on some fabrics.

You could try having your couch cleaned by a professional. However, if the color fade is due to the sun’s bleaching effects, your only other option is to dye the fabric. Did you know that there’s a vast selection of fabric dyes you can use on your couch’s cushions?

It could be a good opportunity for a complete color change if you wish. The instructions for dyeing fabric vary depending on the product used. Irrespective of that fact, make sure you cover up any parts of your couch you don’t want to dye.


When your couch ends up looking like an eyesore in your living room, you don’t need to throw it away and spend lots of money on a replacement. The above is a selection of the most popular ways to breathe new life into an old couch.


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