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Wedding Planning Tips for Bride & Groom

A version of this post originally appeared on our old blog Born to be a Bride, entitled "The Working Brunch."


Even the most organized bride, in all her binder-bound glory, needs the help of her betrothed to pull off the perfectly planned wedding.


Sure, there are things that he will never care about, like the colors you suggest for your bridesmaids’ manicures or the style of runner selected for the ceremony. But this is his day, and if your guy is anything like mine, he might just surprise you with some pretty serious opinions. (I never would have imagined, for example, that Josh would request an ombre cake, but I’m so glad he did. And our cake is going to be a true work of art, thanks to his vision).

Get your man involved by ironing out the details in advance and giving him a manageable checklist. But don’t keep him from the fun part either. You’d likely be hard-pressed to find anyone who gets jazzed up about calling the caterer a fourth time to confirm there will be at least one gluten-free offering at the cocktail hour, but everyone likes to conceptualize the cool details of a fun party, your groom included. Let him in on the action, and always make sure there’s some booze on hand.


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