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Turning Your Garden Into An Outdoor Haven

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Our garden is an extension of our home, and many of us still have a lot to learn when making the most of this space. If you have a garden and you haven’t really made the most of it yet; now is the perfect time to play around and make something the whole family can enjoy.

Today we are going to share just a few of the fun ideas you can bring to your garden to make it into the perfect outdoor haven for yourself and your family.

Make it a playground

If you have children, one amazing way to elevate your garden into a family space is to add a few playground essentials. You can find high-quality, affordable swing sets, slides, and other playground favourites online and create a safe space for your children to play under your supervision. Not only will your garden be a place for your children to have fun, but they will be the talk of their school!

Add a firepit

A firepit can be a great way to make your garden more usable all year round. The best fire pit can be used on winter evenings to keep you warm outside. They’re also great for hosting, as you can gather around the fire to toast marshmallows, even on cooler evenings.

Build an herb garden

If you are an avid cook, one way to make the most of your garden would be to build a herb garden outside to use in dishes. There are plenty of hardy winter herbs you can plant outside right now such as rosemary and mint, and in the spring you can plant basil, thyme, coriander and chives too. Either invest in a wooden trough for your herbs or dig a raised bed in your garden for them, and every time you make food you’ll be able to utilise fresh herbs!

Attract wildlife

One of the best things about having a garden is the wildlife you can attract and enjoy. Wild birds, squirrels and mice can make all the difference to the atmosphere in your garden and it will be a wonderful sight to see. To attract more animals to your garden, make sure to invest in some bird feeders, a bird bath, and some fat blocks. If you have a large tree in your garden consider hanging a bird house in a secluded place and you may just gain some new residents!

Dig a pond

A pond is not only a great way to attract animals to your garden, but it can be a beautiful focal point for your garden design. If your garden is looking a little boring and drab, building a pond can add a stunning feature that draws the eye to anyone who visits. Building a garden pond can be easier than you think - and once you’ve got the pond full of water you can add plants such as pond lillies, invest in some pond snails or fish, and even get some frogspawn from someone you know to fill the space. Once frogs are established in youth garden they will come back again and again and it will be a wonderful thing for the ecosystem.

Have some fun with your garden at the end of this year and make it fresh and ready for the new season in spring!


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