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Traveling with Baby: the the ACM Awards We Go!

This post originally appeared on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

It wasn’t planned this way, but it turned out that our final full weekend of living in DC fell when we already had our spring vacation booked. This wasn’t any old trip to Dallas, but a four-day jaunt to culminate in the event I’ve looked forward to for a year — attendance at the 50th annual ACM awards. We watched last year’s show in the comfort of our little apartment in Virginia. I was pregnant and Josh was feeling generous and he made a promise I held him to keeping.


He was never a fan of country music (not even when we lived in Texas) but this event marked the beginning of his understanding and newfound love of my favorite genre. When we learned the show would take place in Dallas this year, he tentatively said he would take me (baby and all!).

So, off we went. It was an absolutely glorious weekend filled with “family,” food, and fun. Call me a hormonal mess (when does this “postpartum” period end? Will I still be weeping at everything when Willow is 18?) but a piece of my heart lives on in Texas and has since we left. In the end, it turned out that the ACMs were just the cherry on top of a perfect Sunday that was part of a beautiful weekend focused around sweatpants, wine, and cuddles. Here’s a preview of our trip in pictures.  I hope you enjoy!


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