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Tips To Keep Your Belongings Safe When Moving

When moving house, the big worry is not necessarily the moving day itself but how well secured your belongings are when they’re transferred from one property to another. There’s always a risk of damage to your property, and that’s not something you want to have too much of. So here are some tips to keep your belongings safe when moving.

Pick The Right Moving Company

The right moving company is essential because they’ll be responsible for the majority of the move on the day. Of course, you’ve done the packing, unless you’ve added that as a service for the movers but it’s down to them to load it onto the lorry and to get it off safely at the other end. And you never know who you are going to get on the day and what type of mood they’ll be in to make sure they look after your stuff.

However, picking the right moving company can help reduce all those risks that come with finding movers. Find the ones that are reputable and have excellent customer reviews. Whether it’s furniture disassembly or priority delivery, make sure you’re getting the very best in service for the money you’re spending. In this case, the more you can afford to spend, the better the service will likely be.

Wrap Everything Carefully

When packaging your belongings, you can never be too careful in the packaging you use. For anything that’s breakable, be sure to wrap it in bubble wrap and to make sure it’s not going to be rolling around in the back of the lorry when unsupervised. Use wrapping for items that aren’t necessarily fragile but might be easily scratched. Make sure that whatever packaging you’re getting in terms of boxes and packing tape, that they’re the best out there and that they won’t easily break or fall apart. You want to spend a good amount of money in making sure your valuables won’t break. Take your time too when it comes to wrapping everything.

Keep Smaller Valuables On You

Smaller valuables are best kept on your person where possible. It’s good to have a car where you can take the pricier and more valuable items that’ll fit, for your own peace of mind. Again, they still need to be carefully wrapped, but you’ll have that ease of knowing they’re in your possession and so any damage, would be your doing. As much as you may have got reputable movers, there’s only so much trust you can have in a stranger to hope that they don’t damage anything or take anything of high-value.

Take Out Extra Insurance

Extra insurance is definitely something that’s worth looking into when you are moving all your belongings from one place to the other. There are always accidents that can happen, so make sure you’ve taken out the right insurance to fully protect everything you own when it’s outside of both properties.

Keeping your belongings safe when moving takes careful organization and picking the right people to help move it all.


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