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Tips For Adding Accessories To An Outfit

When it comes to adding accessories to an outfit, there can be a thing as wearing too much. Accessories should help compliment an outfit, rather than what you base your outfit around. Here are some tips for adding accessories to an outfit and making it look effortless, which is what’s important.

Find Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are accessories that stand out in the outfit and can create what might be a casual outfit, into something more elevated or transformed for evening glam. When picking statement pieces, they want to be something that’s stand-alone. To save money, it’s a good idea to go for something that can wearable with a number of your outfits already. A pair of gold earrings that are quite large or dramatic in style, is a perfect example of a statement piece. You want that accessory to bring everything together and to be the final element of you ensemble that completes the whole look you’re trying to create.

Add A Belt To Shape Your Body

For any outfit, you want to accentuate your shape and a belt as an accessory can help do that. You can usually style it as part of jeans or a skirt but a lot of trends now will often have the belt around the waist and on top of jumpers, dresses and even coats. If you don’t find that you’ve got a lot of shape to your outfits, then any type of belt can give you that waistline that you’re after. There are even some corset-style belts that can really help bring in the waist-line and to show off even more of your shape if you wanted it to.

Don’t Wear Too Many Accessories At Once

Wearing too many accessories at once is only going to over-complicate the look so less is definitely more when it comes to accessories. As a guideline try to stick with two to three accessories. Check out these nose-rings for a little subtly and an alternative to wearing earrings. A necklace and bracelet combo is a good idea and even just a handful of bangles and bracelets would work nicely together. Remember that accessories are a bonus on the outfit, so don’t go too over the top with your choices.

Layer Wisely

Layering is an essential part in an outfit and when it comes to your accessories, you can layer them too. Perhaps having multiple necklaces that compliment each other would work nicely, or for winter months, wearing an extra big scarf as a cardigan which is held together with a belt at the waist. There’s so much creativity that comes with your accessories and layering is the perfect thing to do when the colder months roll around.

Adding accessories to your outfit is important and it can transform even the most basic outfits into something really special. So don’t be afraid of styling with accessories and never forget to leave an outfit without an accessory or two. It’ll certainly be apparent on your outfit if you don’t have anything.


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