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Throwing the Old-Fashioned Mom Image to the Side

The Things You Really Should Be Doing To Look After Your Home


As if life isn't busy enough, when you are trying to look after the kids, and you've got numerous duties as a modern mother, working at home can be over-saturation, especially when you are looking around your home and see that so much that needs doing. Perhaps you're not happy with the color anymore, or you are concerned that the house is not built to last. But this means you've got to find a way to look after your home, not just so you procrastinate your workday, but the home stands the test of time. There are little things, and there are big things, but what can you do to ensure that the home is properly cared for?

Minimizing Water Clogs

This may be something you may not have even heard of! The way to do this is to clean the faucet aerators. They are found on pretty much every bath or kitchen faucet. If you've got problems with the water flowing, whether it's too slow, or it's uneven, the cause is usually due to water clogs. You can either try to do it yourself, or get in contact with a plumber. When there are so many duties around the home, if you don't feel comfortable with something, there always plumbers like on that can do this for you. The plumbing is one of those things that can seem straightforward, but never bite off more than you can chew!

Clean The Bath Fan

If you work at home, and you find yourself sneezing, it may not be the dust in the carpet that's the problem! When you go into the bathroom, examine the bath fan, and see if there's a hefty amount of dust inside there. We have to remember that in the bathroom, moisture and humidity work with the dust to clog up the exhaust fans. The great thing about these fans is that they are easy to clean. All you have to do is grab the edge of the cover, pull it down, then release the springs by squeezing them and give the fan a wipe. Make sure you dry it afterward, so you are minimizing moisture. It's also worth keeping the bathroom window open when possible so the room is aerated properly.

Cleaning The Dryer

Have you taken out your laundry and found numerous bits of lint stuck to your clothes? Lint can build up inside dryer cabinets, which doesn't just cause annoyance for you, but when left unattended, it can easily catch fire! Because the lint can be ignited by the electrical components of the dryer, you need to check the exhaust vents. Cleaning the dryer to get rid of these annoying pieces of lint is very easy. All you need to do is get a vacuum cleaner and suck any pieces up.

Cleaning Your Mattress

You should make sure that your mattress is hypoallergenic, but also get into the habit of examining it when you change the sheets. You need to look for stains that may appear, and vacuum it. The mattress can get dirty, despite the fact that you are covering it with a sheet. It's not something you need to do all the time, but if you can air it out in the sunshine, or standard on its side, this will help to remove any offending smells that lurk deep in the material.

Look After Your Fridge

While we may think that our fridge just runs out of power, we can keep it in shape by maintaining it. There are are some hints on to try. But if you can, at the very least, get into the habit of clearing the freezer vents, and deicing it, not only does this create more space, but it can help give it a longer lease of life. By vacuuming the coils, you could save yourself between $5 and $10 a month. When a fridge isn’t running properly, it requires more energy to keep it up to speed. A little bit of refrigerator maintenance goes a long way!

Cleaning The Dishwasher

It's so easy for us to think that the dishwasher is always clean. But the fact of the matter is that bits of food always finds their way into parts of the dishwasher that can, over time cause bad smells. This then means that either you have to wash your dishes by hand after they come out of the dishwasher, or they just don't get as clean as they used to. Cleaning your dishwasher is about clearing the screen at the bottom of it, getting rid of the food particles from the spray arm holes but as well, ensuring that you clean the lip of the dishwasher. After you've done all these, you can put the washer in for a cycle without any cutlery or dishes, using a special dishwasher cleaner.

Blowing Out Air Vents

If you've got an HVAC system, it's crucial that you clean this on a regular basis, but also, look at the ventilation in your attic. A lot of debris gets stuck in there, meaning that your attic doesn't have any good quality air. While you may not spend much time up there, if you don't attend to this, you could get a lot of condensation during the winter, as well as add to your air conditioning costs in warmer months.

Wiping Doorknobs

Minimizing germs may seem like a simple task, but when you start to think about the items you use every single day, are you doing what you can to disinfect them? Cleaning a doorknob doesn't take long, and all you need is a bleach-based cleaner. That way, you are preventing coughs and colds, especially during the winter season. We all use doorknobs, but we don't want to be that person that puts a handkerchief on our hands before we open every door, do we?

Cleaning Closets

We use our closets, not just as a place to store clothes, but if we are overrun with junk, because it becomes the perfect hiding place. This means that if you don't tend to go into the closet much, dirt and dust will build up. But if you put clothes in there, this will get covered in a layer of dust, meeting that you have to wash your wardrobe all over again! You only have to do this once a year, wiping down and dusting the walls and shelves. Be sure to vacuum it as well, and you will prevent releasing dust and allergens into the air every time you reach in for a dress.

Shining The Shower Head

A lot of mold and mildew get stuck in showerheads, and if you use the shower every day, you won't get much in the way of germs, but it's a good idea to give the showerhead a nice shine. Give it a wipe every couple of weeks, and make sure that you deep clean it a couple of times a year.

Sealing The Outlets

Electrical outlets are easy to maintain, and if you notice tiny gaps around the outlets especially on ceiling boxes and exterior walls, cold air will come into the property, so you may feel a bit of a chill in the air, and as you put the heating on, you add to your energy bills. Sealing these areas doesn't take long, and it's one of many things you can do to save on your energy bills.

Fixing The Garage

The garage is a massive task, one you may not want to take on. But there are a few components that need fixing. The garage door safety shut-off needs inspecting on a regular basis, as does the door need lubricating, but also, you should think about lubricating the springs, fixing the balance of the garage door, as well as clean the ground. The surface could very well be a breeding ground for molds, dust, and various bacteria. And it's easy enough to fix, by getting a jet washer so, at the very least, you are able to keep on top of getting rid of all sorts of nasty stuff, like dirt and rocks. Get rid of these, and you won't keep bringing them into your house every time you venture to the garage refrigerator.

Cleaning Your Cleaning Products

Looking after your home is not just about cleaning, about ensuring that the implements you use a clean as well! We have to remember that when trying to maintain a clean home, that we have tools at our disposal that can make the house look a little bit better. Over time, build up your arsenal of cleaning products, but also get into the habit of cleaning your cleaning products. This is a very simple reason: that germs fester everywhere! If you are using your cleaning products on a regular basis, but you're not cleaning them, the germs are transferring to everything!

Looking after our home is difficult, especially when we have so much to do. And all of these things don't need doing every single week or month, but if you get it into your head the idea that a home maintains its shine a bit better if you keep on top of some of the aesthetics, not only will your home look better, but you will save money at the same time!


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