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Throwback Thursday: Flower Girl Edition

This post originally appeared on our old site, Born to be a Bride.

Are you planning to have a flower girl at your wedding? I was not into the dress offerings for ours at any of the bridal shops we went to, mostly because it was a beach wedding and I felt such a little girl would feel stiff and uncomfortable in something too formal. In the end, we went with a gauzy white dress from Saks and baby’s breath crown.

So, what’s the throwback?


Here I am at four, making my way down the aisle at the wedding of one of my mother’s best childhood friends. You don’t need to do the math to figure out what era this was — I believe the floral print on my dress makes that pretty evident. (Note: the bride wore peach). I won’t mortify Mom by including a snap of her in the puff-sleeved, made-to-match ensemble she was forced to wear, but suffice it to say, she is the only person on earth who could have pulled it off.

When selecting the look for the little girl(s) featured at your wedding, I focus on three main elements — theme, comfort, and age — and how the three relate. If you’re planning a fancy-shmancy Manhattan soiree with black-tie requested, and your flower girl is over the age of five, go ahead and bring on the silk satin and the big bow. For winter weddings, velvet is a timeless choice and it will keep her comfortable. Anyone under the age of four needs room under her skirt in case she decides to run around. Or, pull a Jenny and turn at the top of the aisle to go back and collect the flower petals she dropped along the way…


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