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The 4 Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

It’s already mid-July and the US bridal fashion week was in April. Indeed, guests witnessed varieties of styles and designs to suit different tastes. Before the pandemic, the US bridal industry raked in over $60 billion annually. Although it recorded a fall in 2020, this year seems to have picked up with a lot of hope. Therefore, as you’re probably adding to your wedding wish list and dress hunt, these are some trends making waves in 2021.

Short wedding dresses

They seem to deviate from the traditional perspective of a wedding dress. However, they are infused with personality and present an excellent opportunity to flaunt beautiful heels. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with a short wedding dress. Moreover, these dress choices are great for summer weddings, as they are great on the skin without making the wearer feel the summer heat. This style is currently being rocked by the younger generation and fashionistas who love to trend. If you doubt what options there are, you can check sites like Anomalie for more details.


The maximalist gown is back and looking even better than a few years ago. Many designers are getting bolder by adding streaks of soft colors into the ruffles to create a striking but flattering contrast. Ruffles are feminine, give a demure look and still manage to accentuate the bride’s physical features. For many wedding stylists, the ruffle gown is a bold statement, yet not too much in-your-face.

Furthermore, designers love to play around with the frothy ruffle, while others prefer the cascading tiered ruffles. Although there are several kinds, the two types mentioned here are more common in 2021 weddings. Additionally, these types can be combined with sleeves, off-shoulder, or sleeveless gowns and still look exquisite. Again, regardless of your body type, ruffle details continue to look good on the bride.

Slip dresses

Usually made from satin to give off that signature slip dress look, lace and stretch-jersey fabrics have shown great promise. With its skinny, almost thread-thin straps, the slip wedding dress is ideal for destination weddings. This style embodies the sultry bride look much coveted today. However, you need to be mindful of what you wear underneath it.

Due to its smooth outer surface, it will be a wardrobe malfunction to wear patterned or embroidered undergarments. These kinds will draw in your satin or silk slip wedding dress. Therefore, your best bet is to go for silk undergarments that fit comfortably on your skin.

Off-the-shoulder sleeves dresses

If you’ve got great shoulders, you can flaunt them with this dress. However, there are tricks to wearing the off-the-shoulder wedding dress. First, avoid wearing a thick necklace as that takes attention away from your dress style. Secondly, you should avoid making your outfit bold as that also takes the shine away from your shoulders. Additionally, combine your off-shoulder with an A-line skirt or silhouette look, and you will be the most beautiful bride to walk that aisle.

Finally, you have an idea of trendy wedding dresses making waves in 2021. However, you should not feel compelled to follow trends blindly. The best decision is to go for the best looks on your memorable day.


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