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Supporting Your Child's Immune System

Our immune system is a wonderful thing. It is our first defense against a whole host of viruses and infections, so the stronger it is, the stronger we are snd the more effectively we can fight off disease.

Unfortunately, children are not born with a fully developed immune system, which means we need to help them build one that is as strong and effective as possible so that, as they grow up, they can fight off illness to the best of their ability.

With that in mind, here are some of the best things you can do to support your child’s immune system:

Focus on fruit and veg

It’s obvious really but the higher your child’s diet is in fruits and vegetables the more vital vitamins and minerals their body will receive, and the easier it will be for their immune system to do its thing.

Call the chiropractor

Pediatric chiropractor professionals are really good at aligning the body to remove signs of stress that may not even be noticeable. This is important because when the body is under stress so are the nerves and that makes it difficult for the body to grow as strong and healthy as possible. It also hinders the development of a strong immune system. So, seeing a chiropractor at a young age could really help your child to thrive.

Feed them oily fish

Oily fish is high in DHA which is a vital nutrient when it comes to the immune system. It enhances B cell activation and boosts antibody production, which helps your immune system to fight off all manner of nasties.

Let them play outside

Letting your child play outside, and yes, letting them get dirty could do them the world of google When they are outdoors, not only will they be getting lots of vitamin D courtesy of the sunshine, which is an important vitamin for the body’s overall defenses, but soil has been shown to contain a number of bacterias, which when children are exposed to them, will help to build their immunity.

Some people think that keeping their children as clean and sanitized as possible is the best way to keep them safe, but if they are never exposed to various germs, they will never be able to build an immunity to them. That’s why we have vaccines.

Obviously, don’t expose your child to anything dangerous but letting them play outdoors should be perfectly safe providing your watch over them.

Get them to sleep earlier

Sleep helps the body to regenerate and repair, which means the immune system can do what it needs to do to get strong when your child is in bed. That’s why you need to ensure your child gets enough sleep for their age as often as they possibly can, even if that means sending them to bed earlier.

Supporting your child’s immune system will really help them stay healthy throughout their lives, so if you can do any or all of the above, definitely consider it! xo


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