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Summer Maternity Style

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

This post originally appeared on our old blog as "What I Wore: August Upon Us."

Temps are soaring, and this mama-to-be is getting uncomfortable. I haven’t ballooned yet, but my feet and ankles are so swollen, at times it hurts to walk the shortest distance. I’m trying to stay super-positive about everything, because after all, it’s a miracle I’m even pregnant. And I am so fortunate to work for myself and have the freedom to rest when I need to. But damn, being pregnant in the DC humidity (or under any circumstances, I imagine) is not exactly fun.

So, this past week brought a ton of firsts. The first time a stranger congratulated me and asked me when I’m due (aw!). The first time another pregnant person gave me a knowing smile, which I returned. The first Washington Nationals game we attended (also the first sporting event I’ve been to as an adult without drinking alcohol. It was fun! But I’m looking forward to enjoying the gluten-free beer next summer).

And then there was … the first time someone told me I look “very pregnant.” UGH. Okay, people, I get it. We’re all excited that after six months of zilch, I actually have a bump. But weight gain is not easy for me, no matter the reason, and comments like that are just not helpful. I was considering a whole ranting post on what not to say to pregnant women, and I might get there eventually. But for now, here’s the short version:

I know that my belly entered the room before I did. You don’t need to comment on the fact that I have a bump. (Instead consider: “You look great!” or, my other favorite, “You look beautiful!”) Any comment on “how” pregnant someone is will just annoy them.

I know that you have some predisposed notion in your head of how pregnant someone should look at every milestone. It was incredibly hurtful to be accused of being anorexic when I was five months along, and now that I’m six, I don’t need to hear “you look so pregnant!” or worse — “The bump is huge!” OMG really? Again, “You look great!” is all you need to say. Or you could just say “hi,” because even though I am pregnant, it is not the only thing that I am. And there are lots of other things I’d love to talk about!

Okay, in general I am feeling great about things. My arms and legs are toned. I do yoga every day, Josh makes me green juices, and I snack on blueberries or fat-free Greek yogurt with honey. Sure, I allow myself treats when I want them (like the absurdly delicious gluten-free chili cheese dog I devoured at Nationals Park this weekend), but I’m doing things the healthy way for myself and my daughter. That said, watching the number on the scale go up doesn’t get any easier even if you know it’s for the very best reason. I’m combatting feelings of self-doubt by taking extra time to do my hair and makeup, and relishing in the fact that I was blessed with a husband who thinks pregnancy is sexy. I am one very lucky mama-to-be indeed!

And here’s my 25-week bikini bump, on the afternoon when I decided to say “screw the deadlines” and spend an hour in the sun.



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