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Step by Step: 4 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Attic

While there are parts of your home like your living room that you know exactly what to do with your attic can be a completely different thing, you might not spend much time up there, and therefore you might find yourself lacking in inspiration. So, when it comes to renovating an attic, what are the things you need to consider? 

How Practical is the Renovation Going to Be? 

Your attic may just be a collection of joists and nothing more. This may sound like a bad thing, but you've got the perfect opportunity here to create a solid foundation at the top of your home. You could invest in attic insulation to ensure that your home retains more heat. You can always find a company that provides blow in insulation near you and ensure that you are insulating that attic so you will save a lot of money on your heating bills. While an attic may seem like a lot of work, it can be the perfect starting point for a spare room or almost anything you want.

Work Out the Total Cost

Before embarking on any renovation job, you've got to look at your budget in the round. A full attic conversion can cost around $75,000. This is obviously a lot of money, and there are opportunities to remortgage, but you then have to look at your budget and if it's realistic to renovate if you plan on moving out in a few years' time. An attic is one of the more expensive rooms to renovate, and this is why it's always best to make sure that you get every other part of your home done first. An attic that you can turn into a loft conversion will add value to the home, but you've got to spend enough time at the home to ensure that you have built up enough equity so it will be worth your while if you plan on selling up.

Know the Load Capacity

It is essential to look into your property's structural history because this will give you a better idea of the load capacity, which is the maximum weight a platform can hold. On average, an attic's weight capacity is around 10 pounds per square foot. Additionally, you should look at the thickness of the wood and the condition of the wood itself because if the joists are 2x4, this might not hold much weight and could damage the property if you put enough weight on it. You should opt for larger joists, such as 2x6 or 2x8.

Find Reputable Contractors

Renovating an attic is not just about putting some floorboards down but can require planning permits and a number of other factors. Therefore, a professional contractor that can give you honest information without scaring the living daylights out of you can help you to achieve a realistic solution, even if this goes against what you had in mind.

When it comes to renovating your attic, there's a lot to consider, but remember to take it “step by step.”


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