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Staying Mindful & Well in Quarantine: Top Tips for At-Home Yoga & More from Matthew Mileo NY

Y'all, I am struggling. Are you? These times are tough and everything feels up in the air...

A big part of my whole-picture wellness includes yoga and meditation. To a busy mom who is always on-the-go but now stuck at home and tasked with homeschooling her kids on top of all this stress? It feels really hard not to have the option of going to my usual yoga classes and beauty appointments for a mental and physical reset and healing. And I don't get to really unwind until the kids are in bed at night, so I'm trying to build spa-like elements into our new routine right now.

The great news, though, is that these things can happen at home. Creating a space focused on wellness is so important especially at times like this. Here are some tips from Matthew Mileo, founder of MILEO NEW YORK skincare and wellness brand:

Create a Wellness Station

"I’ve turned my home into a 24 hour spa and you can too. Set up an aromatic diffuser, candle, and easily accessible 'wellness station' into your work space.

"For me, my wellness station is a table where I can readily grab a spritz of Rose facial mist throughout the day, a massage ball to smooth out any tight spots, a charcoal lemonade drink to stay clear and hydrated, and a soothing body or facial oil (my favorite is MILÈO Collonges la Rouge Elixir Oud) to stay soft and glowy, as it’s just as important to stay beautiful and healthy for yourself even if no one else is around."

Make Your Own "Spa"

"Since the lockdown, I’ve been bummed that gyms have been closed and I have no access to a steam room or sauna. So, I've been taking shower mediations to enhance the relaxing qualities of a warm shower while steaming up the bathroom with a soothing essential oil blend. Simply close your bathroom door and turn the shower up to hot after slathering some essential oils on the opposite wall of the shower head — relax, meditate, and enjoy!"

Photo: Instagram Keep Up with Your Yoga

"There’s chair yoga, inversion yoga, flow yoga, restorative yoga, cleansing yoga, meditative yoga — so many types of yoga to try, and now is the time since we are all home and can’t (or shouldn’t) watch TV all day.

"If you must have the tv on, yoga is great to do in front on it or try an online yoga app that can assist in your new yoga journey."

In addition to taking his sage advice to ease the burdens of self quarantine, you can also shop online for Matthew's innovative face oils and more. Also, follow Matthew on Instagram for more tips and inspiration on chic and healthy living. I am wishing you wellness and an increased chance to unwind and connect with yourself during this time. xx Jenny

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