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Spring Jobs That Really Cannot Wait

Spring is springing up faster than ever, which means that once that sunshine starts to peak out from behind the clouds, you have a whole host of jobs to get done in the house. Both the interior and the exterior need a refresher for the Spring months, so why not check out our list of household jobs below that really cannot wait now that the sun is shining?


It’s time to clean out the closet. Those winter clothes and bulky coats need to be put away, and the shorts and dresses need to come out once more. You should assess all the clothes that you wear, and all the ones that you don't. There is no use in keeping the clothes that you don’t wear, so use the time to clear the whole thing out and donate what you don't need.

Take your cleaning outside and get the roof and gutters assessed. This is the perfect time to install new gutter guards ready for the summer, and you can get the roof checked while you’re out there. The winter has a tendency to loosen the roof tiles; all you need to do is a once over and get in the professionals to do the actual fixing.

Back inside the house, switch over all the bedding to the lighter duvets and blankets. Shake off all the throws and layers; there’s no need to have flannel sheets on the bed when you could be just as comfortable in breezy cotton sheets.

Go room to room and start shifting the clutter. Spring cleaning isn't called that for nothing, you know! You can donate anything in excellent condition and get rid of everything that you don't need. You should do this as a way to clear out the closets and organize everything for a change.

Go through your pantry. There are so many of us that keep spices for years not realizing that these come with use-by dates. Go through everything from the canned goods to the spices and clear out everything. Let the fire of organization stay lit beneath you!

The Spring is the perfect time to deep clean the kitchen and the bathrooms in the house, so pull forward your appliances and clean behind them. Get the grouting redone on the bathroom if there are any gaps and dust the blinds. Bleaching the kitchen and bathroom properly will get you more than ready for the warm seasons ahead.

Lastly, get to the fireplaces and blow out the pilot light. You need to save money on the gas and electric, and you can do that when you blow out those pilot lights when you’re not using the fireplace at all.

The winter months have a whole other need compared to the rest of the year, so make sure that you are ready for the Spring and the overhaul that you can give to your house. Once you have gone inside and outside, it’s time to relax and enjoy!


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