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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed So Your Home Won’t Feel Blue

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe."

The famous superstitious rhyme serves as a guideline for brides to be. But have you ever considered using it partly in your home interior?

Don't discard the idea without knowing what lies behind the rhyme. The rhyme comes directly to us from Victorian England. The ode for a fresh beginning and continuity first appeared in written format in an issue of St. James Magazine in the late 1800s. Ultimately, when you think of it in those terms, home decoration and remodelling projects tap into the same spirit of continuity and new starts. So it would make sense to apply the rhyme to your interior style.

A word of warning, though:

We're going to discard the last part of the rhyme here.

A sixpence in your shoe doesn't feel entirely necessary at home.

Similarly, something blue could be included depending on your colour palette, but it is fair to say that blue is present in most homes already.

Something Old

There's something delightful about old furniture design. They embodied a stylish movement and an entire era. It's no wonder antique furniture remains popular long after its builders have passed! Nothing quite beats the impact of a rustic 19th-century barn table or an elegant 1930s chaise lounge. When you invest in antique units, you gain a statement piece that will elevate your room.

However, antique pieces can come with a double-edged sword. Behind the glamour and the style, there's the need for high-maintenance care and a hefty price tag. So instead of buying antiques made then, you could save yourself the hassle and focus on modern pieces made to look like an antique, like these. These can be an elegant addition to your decor while remaining functional and manageable in a modern household.

Alternatively, you could save yourself a lot of money by reviewing your childhood furniture. Can the desk you had at your parents' home be re-used? Unlocking the potential of old or fake old furniture doesn't mean you have to work with era pieces. Furniture style and furniture hoarding have changed a lot throughout the years. If you gained some of your items through pass-me-down across the generations, there could be a gem hiding underneath the dust and the wear and tear marks. Perhaps, the wardrobe in your bedroom where you grew up was your grandmother's, or your parents bought the desk at a car boot. If this is the case, you might have some unusual-looking items that would look fantastic with a bit of care and love. You can recycle old furniture with this simple guide. More often than not, a good sanding and some paint can transform the battered desk into a new focal point in your decor. So, it's worth checking and investigating old pieces that have fallen into disuse.

Something New

Nowadays, it's impossible to plan interior decor without hearing about smart home technology. Does adding a smart home hub improve your decor? The answer you've been waiting for is yes, so there's no need to talk yourself out of buying into the trend.

Smart home tech can streamline decor management and interior purposes:

  • You can have a self-cleaning home with a smart vacuum cleaner controlled by Alexa.

  • You can create your own entertainment service with a DJ playing on demand, for instance.

  • Coming back home at night is no issue anymore as the home can get to a comfortable temperature and turn on the lights to welcome you.

  • Self-managed appliances save you time as you can focus on enjoying your interior.

When it comes to enhancing your decor, a smart hub helps establish a practical living interior that adapts to your needs, so you can focus on style without compromising functions.

Something Borrowed

With a little bit of creativity, you can prolong the use of some of your favourite items. Take a simple example: Getting married typically means hiring and decorating a venue. So, you might find yourself browsing websites and shops for weeks on end before you can find the perfect piece. Yet, more often than not, the venue decor is discarded after the wedding. It's a pity when you've created so many happy memories in the decor! So, you can hang onto some of your beloved belongings and find a new place for them inside your home. Your wedding banner can be a statement piece in the nursery. Table vessels can also be repurposed as storage features in your home office, for instance.

Creating a decor that suits your personality doesn't have to break the bank. Sometimes, the old sayings had it right all along. Something old, something new, something borrowed means making space for modern tech while surrounding yourself with the things you've loved. Is there any better way to build a happy nest for your family?


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