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Some of The Stress in the Moving Process- And How to Avoid It!

The idea of moving house really is so exciting. The thought of starting fresh in a new, better (and often bigger) house which meets more of your needs than your current home and everything that a move can bring with it is such an adventure. However, the idea of moving and the actual process of doing so is often very different, and the stage between deciding to move and actually arriving in your new property on moving day can be one of the most challenging times in your life. It sounds dramatic when people say this, but it’s true and there are a number of things that are worth bearing in mind. 

Don’t let the negatives put you off, as in the grand scheme of things, the moving process is relatively short (even if it takes months) compared with the many years you’ll spend enjoying your new home. But do go into things with your eyes open. Here’s what you need to know.

Listing your current home

If you have a property that you need to sell in order to be able to move then your first step will be listing that on the property market. One of the very best things you can do here is to spend time choosing a good estate agent since this will make all the difference, don’t just pick the first one that pops up when you search. A good estate agent will really guide you through the process and will be attentive to both you and potential buyers which ensures that possible sales arent being lost over silly things. When you have your house valued its tempting to ask them to list it for a few thousand more, after all we all want the best price for our home. But trust their advice, listing it for the right price will bring in the viewings and people serious about buying. List it too high and you’ll either put off people who would have potentially been interested and get no viewings, or you’ll get viewings but they’ll all state that it’s not the right property for them for one reason or another. The right price is crucial, and will help your home sell swiftly with no messing around.

Be proactive with solicitors

Buying your next home will require you to have a solicitor, they will deal with all of the conveyancing matters on your behalf. This includes making sure all of the local and background searches of the property are done so you know exactly what you’re buying. You need to be proactive with solicitors, answer questions promptly and chances are you will need to do some chasing up throughout the process to find out exactly where you’re at. The conveyancing stage takes time and can be frustrating but being on the ball and responding quickly prevents delays and keeps things moving. 

Moving day

Physically moving house is way more of a task than you probably realise if you’ve never done it. Sorting, boxing and moving items takes a monumental amount of time and effort, so call in for some help if you can. Start early by decluttering and throwing away things you wont need, and start boxing up non essential items. Consider hiring a moving company like Safeguard Moving Company that can pack as well as move for you, this takes a lot of pressure off you and makes the entire process a lot easier. Don’t forget about things like making repairs and cleaning at the end too, things like holes in the walls once shelves are removed will need to be filled, paint might need touching up if scratches and scuffs are made when moving furniture. Everything will need a deep clean including inside and on top of kitchen cupboards, bathrooms, gardens will need to be swept and tidied etc. Dont underestimate how long this will take, and consider hiring a cleaning company to help you out if you dont think you’ll manage. On moving day, the property will need to be left clean and vacant, usually by around lunchtime so those hours in the morning are all systems go. 


Once you’re at the other end and in your new home it can be a huge relief, but there will still be plenty to do. Have a plan in place for your unpacking, for example if you have children you’ll probably want to have their beds and bedrooms sorted first. When it comes to pets and kids, it can be worth having them looked after elsewhere until you’re moved and unpacked to make things easier and less stressful too.



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