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Sneaky Things That Guarantee Your Home Is Always Full Of Clutter

Is your home always a complete mess? If so, you could be suffering from one of the many sneaky, yet difficult-to-see, things that mean that stuff is always strewn across the floor.

Clutter isn't innocuous; it comes with real costs. Messy homes make you feel stressed and that you're not in control of your life. Doing something about it, therefore, is imperative. But what?

Part of the solution is to understand how the problem of clutter emerges in the first place. Here's where it comes from.

You Literally Have Too Much Stuff

The size of your house is finite, but your needs can sometimes feel like they're infinite. People spend a considerable amount of money filling their homes with objects that they hope will satisfy them. But eventually, they overwhelm, and homeowners run out of space.

If you have a lot of stuff, it might be time for a big clear out. Rummage through all your drawers and cupboards and think carefully about what you need. If you have twenty towels in your airing cupboard, ask yourself whether you need all of them to live your life to the full. Chances are you don't. The same goes for the clothes in your closet. Ask yourself whether you need so many shoes and bags and whether you're sincere when you say that you'll wear all of them again at some point in the future. You probably won't.

Toys are a big problem too. If you have kids, ask them whether they want their old stuff anymore or if you can pass it on to somebody else.

You Don't Understand The Principle Behind Effective Organization

Sometimes you have the right amount of stuff for your lifestyle - you just don't have the organizational system to arrange it all. If you have no idea where to put your belongings, they tend to accumulate all over the place.

The solution is simple: target your clutter spots, and eliminate them.

Garage organization tips include things like installing proper shelving and a workbench. You can better organize your fridge and pantry by placing your food items in tubs and arranging your spices in alphabetical order. And you and your family can agree on a laundry system to prevent clothes from winding up all over the floor.

You're Transitioning Between One Season And Another

As you go through life, your circumstances will change. One minute, you're happily living the single life in an apartment - the next, you have family and kids.

Transitioning from one stage to another is often the primary source of the clutter in your life. For instance, if you've just had kids, you need a vast amount of paraphernalia - like prams - to look after them. But if you live in a regular flat, you don't have the space to keep it all out of the way. The clutter multiplies.

Your best bet here is to rent out third-party storage. This way, you can keep all your possessions and reuse them once you buy a bigger home.


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