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Shall We Dance?


This post originally appeared on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

As we reached the three-month mark this weekend, Josh and I fully committed to making the wedding our main focus (after work and our miniature at-home zoo, of course). Saturday we sat outdoors at our favorite local brunch spot making lists, checking off resolved items and sipping Bloody Mary's. (him: one. me: two).

Aside from the sidelong glances from our college-aged waiter who was no doubt thinking, “Dude, look at that poor guy! I am never getting married,” and a few knowing smiles from the clear newlyweds at the next table over, I don’t think my Type A Bride identity shone through too much.

📷Post-brunch we got me a three-weeks-overdue oil change, wrote a few pointed emails to vendors who have ignored the last few, and headed home for some much-needed R&R. And then Sunday, we kicked it into high gear.

I’ve been attending a weekly hip hop class since I got serious about my diet and exercise regimen in January. The instructor is a delightful young guy full of energy who has a true passion for dance and some mean choreography skills. When I heard he’s not only adept at hip hop, but also competitive in ballroom dancing, I knew what had to be done.

I approached Robert one night before class, timidly asking if he’d potentially be able to give some private instruction to my betrothed and myself leading up to our wedding. Ever-exuberant, he declared, “Absolutely!” and jotted down my information right away. Four eventful weeks of travel later, we finally arrived at our first lesson this Sunday.

Having a blast at Josh's best friend's wedding a couple years ago

A tad nervous, me in leggings and a pair of four-inch heels and Josh in an already sweat-soaked polo and lacrosse shorts, we giggled anxiously while waiting for Robert to arrive. As soon as he bounced through the door (seriously, this guy’s every move looks like part of a dance), we revealed our choice of wedding music and he quickly decided to start by teaching us the waltz.

I will tell you this: If you and your significant other are in any kind of challenging time, my money is on dance class before therapy. Spending an hour learning something new with the person you love is not only fun, it’s a thrill. Josh caught on very quickly, and I was amazed to watch his excitement at mastering the steps we were taught. Working together to accomplish a goal, and getting there in the space of an hour, is great for strengthening the bond.

We’ve got three months of classes and a ton of choreography ahead, but after Day One I feel confident that this is going to go very well indeed. We are both so excited to flex our newly minted skills on the dance floor in September, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the things we learn at the studio will help improve our ability to communicate and learn new things together wherever life takes us.


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