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Savoring the Moments with SAVOR Keepsake Boxes

You don't have to search too deep in the archives of this blog for evidence of what a sentimental sap I am. (But here -- and here -- are some examples). I tend to covet the sweet moments and feel sadness at their fast departure. But I can't hold on to every single shred of their childhood... as much as I'd love to.

With the whole world going crazy over the #KonMari method (I'm not mad at it!) I'll admit it's taken me a long time to get comfy deciphering what's "keep" and what's got to go.


But the baby days. Oh, sweet time. The boots that were worn by tiny feet and the ultrasound photos that came before them. The love letters I wrote to unborn babies and the photos that have survived the warping of a tear here or there. The precious caps that were placed on my girls just moments after their births. These are the items I truly want to savor... forever.

They deserve a special place, and a way in which to do that properly. This is why I love the Savor Box. These boxes come in a few targeted designs (for brides, holidays, and more!), but of course we went with the baby box. This unique storage system keeps your most special baby items organized and easily accessible for viewing and reminiscing.


The Savor baby box kind of acts as a photo album and shoebox storage in one -- but even more special and beautiful. You can store it right in your bookshelves or in a display case or built-in. When you open it, there are drawers and folders for all manner of precious baby memory items, allowing you to store and SAVOR them with the dignity they deserve.

The keepsake box is comprised of acid-free materials to ensure items stay safe from yellowing and wear over the years. It even contains mini envelopes for baby's first lock of hair or tooth, and customizable labels so you can keep track of what's where.

I am having so much fun filling the box and reliving some of our most precious memories, especially a year+ later, with some sleep on my side! You can SAVE 20% OFF your purchase at Savor by following this link. Let me know in the comments which color combo you went with and what item you're most looking forward to savoring for years to come. xx Jensy


This post was written in collaboration with Savor Keepsake Storage -- I received a box in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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