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Preparing for Empty Nest Syndrome: 3 Simple Things To Consider

When our children hit specific milestones in life, we can certainly feel like we're not coping. As children get older, whether it's them heading off to college or moving in with a partner, that empty nest syndrome is something that can hit us like a ton of bricks. When our child leaves home, we can experience sadness and loneliness. So what do we need to do so we can prepare for empty nest syndrome so we can roll with the punches?

Looking at the Benefits

If your child is looking to fly the nest, but not just move out, but move to another country, this can be a lot to deal with. If they are looking for a property for sale in another country, you might think that you helping them go through the process becomes more heartbreaking for you, but this is where preparing before your child leaves can make a big difference.

You need to have an understanding of the roles that you are playing beyond being a parent. A lot of parents start to think that they are redundant; that's when you start to think about the variety of duties you've had to undertake purely for your children- there's going to be a lot less laundry and ironing to undertake!

Start Creating a New You

Being a parent means there are potentially many other duties in your life that you left by the wayside. For example, you may not have been able to hang out with friends in the same way as you used to. Now is the perfect opportunity to start thinking about some of the following:

  • Working on your career.

  • Spending more time with your friends.

  • Dating or rekindling romance with your significant other.

  • Undertaking new hobbies.

The fact is that when you start to make a big list of things that will take up a significant chunk of your new life, it helps you get back in contact with old friends, but it also helps you get reacquainted with who you used to be.

We've known nothing else when we spent the best part of two decades looking after our children. When you start to think about a collection of ideas that can be a whole new you, this could be the gateway to a much more fulfilling existence.

Being Aware of Depression

Empty nest syndrome can easily turn into depression. If you have any symptoms of depression that last beyond two weeks, like losing interest in activities, lethargy, or trouble concentrating, these are all things that can benefit from treatment such as counseling.

Being a parent is not an easy thing at the best of times, and when a child leaves the nest, it can also make us feel redundant as people because all of our duties are being taken away. Empty nest syndrome is something that can make us realize that there is a lot more to us than being a parent. But that's not to say you are not a parent anymore; you always will be- it's a big part of you, which is why preparing for empty nest syndrome can help you to understand it better.


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