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Post-Wedding Craft: How to Make a Book of Cards

A version of this post originally appeared on our old blog, Born to be a Bride, as DIY Sundays: A Book of Cards.


I’m such a card hoarder and always have been — seriously, I still possess every single greeting card I’ve received in my entire life. But keeping them contained in an organized, let alone functional, manner has always escaped me. Most of them are tied together by rubber bands, shoved into underwear drawers at my childhood and current homes, or stashed in boxes and bins in every corner and crevice of life (including one at my brother’s apartment, I believe).

When you're engaged, newly married, or start having kids, the cards pour in and it can get overwhelming. If you want to keep and enjoy them, consider a card book!

Step One: Arrange your cards in an order that makes sense to you — maybe it’s family then friends, smallest to largest, or totally haphazard. Just commit because moving them around after you start is a pain.

Step Two: Select your ribbon and decide how you’d like it tied. Unlike the version in the above inspiration photo, I decided to string my ribbon through the holes rather than using a ring and just tying around the whole thing. But it’s totally up to you. Make sure if you want the ring, to purchase in advance! Michael’s has a ton of size and color options, and you can also spray paint yours if you want to be extra-fancy.

Step Three: Hole-punch your first card at the one or two points you want to use throughout. Then, as you go through, I recommend lining up each following card against the original so you are certain they all match up.

This photo from our original engagement shoot in Brooklyn was a great choice for the cover of a book of engagement cards. It was taken so soon after the proposal, and it is filled with memories.

Step Four: Add a cover, whether it’s a photo or a note. Or, you can use heavier stock or cardboard to create a front and back cover. Options are limitless: maybe you want to use some wrapping paper from a gift you received, to wrap the covers in pretty, meaningful patterns. I lazed out a bit and just put an engagement photo in the plastic sleeve of an album page and punched it through.

I organized from front to back by: Engagement first, then New York shower, then Dallas shower. Within those categories I color-coded to ensure it kept the eye moving.

Step Five: Weave your ribbon throughout, or if you’re using a ring, slide ‘em on in. Easy!!!

Step Six: Send a photo to your mom. She’ll love your little creation.


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