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Placing The Finishing Touches On Any Gorgeous Home Bathroom

A bathroom is a special place in our home. It’s perhaps the most personal, as we clean and groom ourselves each day there. It’s a place of privacy, and of contentment. It’s where we may start to wake up properly each morning as we take a shower, and wipe off our makeup or prepare ourselves for a good night’s sleep.

It can also be the place we renovate last. This is because it’s rare that we’ll entertain guests in this environment, but then again, we’re not here to judge. A completed bathroom can tie your home together and give you this vital set of utilities in a worthwhile manner however, and so it’s worth investing some time, money and energy into perfecting it. Of course, outside the usual implements of a shower or bath unit (or both combined), a toilet basin, a sink and perhaps a medicine cabinet, what finishing touches should you place within the room? After all, a few extra accessories and nice additions can turn a useful bathroom space into a place you don’t mind spending hours in, soaking in the bath or preparing your best look for the evening.

With our advice, you’ll be sure to perfect this space:

A Heated Floor & Towel Racks

A few indulgences cannot hurt, and can in fact turn your bathroom from a place in which you practice your necessary grooming and self-care habits to a place that fully nurtures and refreshes you each time you enter it. A heated floor, for instance, could easily be used to help you avoid the freezing depths of winter as your bare feet meet the cold tile heading to the shower unit. If you have a wet room or an open shower unit, this can serve the double purpose of removing moisture. Through heated implements under the tiles, professionally installed and carefully used, you may arrange this indulgent implement with relatively little cost.

Additionally, installing towel racks that also serve as a radiator function (these are becoming more common and appreciated by the month), you can enjoy a beautifully warmed towel to help dry yourself after leaving the shower in the morning, helping you enjoy that usually-dreaded walk back from the shower unit to your bedroom as you get changed in the midst of winter. Something as simple as this can help you feel indulgent and comfortable, and it will serve as a nice means of enjoying your time in this room. Sometimes, that’s more than enough.


In any bathroom, it’s important to have privacy. This may involve being able to lock the bathroom door from the top (so that your children cannot reach it), and keeping an emergency spare key or two outside of the bathroom just in case (or being able to unscrew the lock easily in case of said emergency).

However, it’s not only the door to the bathroom that can cause privacy issues, it may also be the fact that your ground-floor bathroom or populated neighborhood can easily see into the room through normal glass. This means that the use of custom wood blinds can be the most effective here, as this allows a beautiful upgrade to your bathroom aesthetic while also being easily manageable and giving the user the means to control how much privacy or light they may wish for. These blinds are also easy to clean, meaning that repeated contact with moisture should be no problem at all. To this end, you will have your privacy carefully considered while in the room.


It’s unlikely that mood lighting is a big priority of yours when managing your bathroom space. After all, we are mostly in there to wash, clean and groom ourselves with care, and not to enjoy hours of relaxation sitting back and ignoring the world around us, even a long and luxurious bath rarely lasts longer than 90 minutes at an absolute push. Instead, good lighting is best felt in clarity and being able to see. For instance, eye lights in the ceiling can help you keep them protected and well sealed, especially considering the rising moisture in any bathroom.

Additionally, a ring light around the bathroom mirror with a non-offensive brightness strength could help you more easily practice your skincare routine and identify blemishes, or ensure you have removed your makeup entirely at the end of each day. The more you can care for yourself in this way, the better you’ll feel going forward.

With this advice, we hope you can properly place the finishing touches on any gorgeous home bathroom.


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