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Opening The Front Door To Freshness

Do you ever walk through the door and get hit by a wave of pungent yet dull smells? It's not necessarily a bad smell, but it's a kind of what accumulates over the years. Every home in the world has its own unique smell. It's partly to do with the people that occupy it and partly to do with a whole raft of other things. The materials, carpets, plants, water spillages and air circulation all play a role in defining what your home smells like. It's not that you have grown tired of this smell, you’ve just become used to it. Only guests will notice because they don’t have a nose that has fully acclimated to it. If you would rather have more control over how your home is perceived by the unbeknownst nose, then you can make these small yet effective changes.

Clearing your nose

What do all the products we use to open up our airways have in common? They’re made using mint! This humble plant is an incredibly effective tool to use in your home to get rid of bad smells. It's also great to mask a musk which is generally what fresh mint plants in the home are used to do. However, mint is strong both in flavor and smell so you don’t want to just leave it anywhere. Go through your home like a sniffer dog and detect where the most pungent smells emanate from. This could be the upstairs hallways where the kids and the dogs often play. It could be your living room. When you have chosen the space, only put a small mint plant in one of the four corners. Preferably by sunlight but not too close as the condensation will drown the leaves. Water it every now and then and it will do its job.

Fresh from the start

Flowers are of course one of the best ways we like to overpower smells we don’t like. However, store-bought flowers don’t last very long. They’re already in their full bloom; how else do you expect shops to catch your attention? Instead, you need to buy flower buds that are just about to sprout. They’re still making their petals and their amazing smell so the fresher the better. But how will you be guaranteed that they will blossom? You can use an led grow light bulb which has been designed specifically to help grow plants and flowers indoors. There are three choices of 300w, 600w and 1,000w bulbs. For small flowers, you should stick to 300w but for large flowers, you should go with the 600w. The largest size is usually for house plants.

Acidic fruits

A bowl of fruit will help to make your home smell fresher but you need extra firepower. Make sure that in your bowl of fruit you have lemons or limes so that a fresh acidic smell can venture all throughout the home.

Most modern home air fresheners use mint and lemons in their best scents. But why not use the real things? Buy a mint plant and put out some lemons for your living room bowl of fruit.


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