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One for the Daddies

This post originally appeared on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

I was so lucky growing up with a dad who appreciated our differences, honored our voices, and respected our mom. I look back now with increased gratitude due to the perspective that being a parent brings. I was penning a Father’s Day card to my dad this morning (sorry, Daddy, it will probably arrive on Monday, but you’ve come to know and accept that about me, too!) and it hit me like a wave. I have learned so much from him. A lot of it I might take for granted, but I find myself quoting him all the time. I hold him entirely responsible for my boldness and the sense of humor that at times is inappropriate. And so much more.


My dad taught me how to tell time and tolerate my brothers. How to coach myself through feelings of self-doubt with humor and confidence. He taught me to add cold water when scrambling eggs for a fluffier texture. And to leave a voicemail even if you aren’t sure the recipient will listen to it. I’m grateful for him and to him every day, but I don’t always say it. And I’m grateful, too, that my own sweet daughter will grow up a “Daddy’s girl” like I did, thanks to another amazing man I’m lucky to have in my life.

When I met Josh, his friends swore he was a party animal and I’m certain their claims were merited. But I saw something in him from the beginning, a tenderness, a generosity, and a fierce protectiveness. I saw the passion with which he went over our takeout order MULTIPLE times to ensure there was no soy sauce anywhere near the dish (I’m Celiac). And the kindness in small surprises like weekend trips or an ice cream date when I’d had a rough day. I knew he would be an amazing dad one day, and I hoped I would be his lucky co-parent. Our path from the dating days to parenthood was not short, straight, or unfettered. But I’m so thankful that I got to be the one to turn him into a daddy and watch that nurturing, loyal, sweet side of him within the context of our own little family.

The country (and the world) has changed a lot since Mother’s Day and Father’s Day came to be. Nowadays, single-parent homes, two-mom homes, and two-dad homes are rightfully recognized as full, beautiful families, too. There are no rules anymore about who does what in a co-parenting situation. However the gender breakdown works in your home, I hope you squeeze your father or father-figure really tight this Sunday. Whether that’s your mom, your uncle, your neighbor, or a friend. Whether you have one, or two, or there are even more who have had an impact on your life.

Cheers to the da-da’s in my own life, two strong and incredible men who have made me feel safe, loved, and celebrated. I wouldn’t be half the mother I am today without you both. Happy Father’s Day.


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