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On Tradition

This post was originally published on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

It was a lovely weekend here at Casa Gerson. Weekends are such a gift, and I’m realizing that more and more each year. Ours was filled with blustery winds, warm coffees, baby-girl snuggles, and a few Bloomingdales returns. Oh, and one of our new favorite traditions, too.


When you’re growing up, you have certain traditions with your parents that become an important part of your life’s narrative. One standout for me was our annual New Year’s Day plan in which my mom would take us out for a movie and Chinese food, always stopping at Barnes & Noble to let us each pick out a book. (I may or may not have brokered for an extra book a few years…) A part of me is sad that I’m no longer a child and don’t live near my mom, so that tradition is on hold for now. But getting married, and eventually having your own children, creates a beautiful space for new ones to unfold.

For Josh and me, one such is our approach to awards season. Yours truly, of course, is completely obsessed. Before the days of the Internet, I used to tap my pencil for days between the airing of the show and the moment the tabloids hit the stands so I could get a second look at the fashion. Now, I’ll have any number of text chains going with friends throughout the red carpet arrivals and on into the night, comparing our favorites and thoughts on the biggest misses. Josh isn’t huge on awards shows, but in order to make him not just tolerate but enjoy it, last year we decided to throw in a decidedly huge incentive — competition!

Last year for the Oscars, we wrote down our guesses in all categories and duked it out to see who had a better sense of the year’s films. Funnily enough, we don’t make it to the movies much (especially of late!) so these are, for the most part, total guesses instead of informed decisions. Still just as fun. You can read all about our Oscars night from last year here. Of course, I wasn’t even pregnant then, so a little more thought and care went into everything from the meal I cooked to our place settings and the little cards we used for penning our predictions. Last night, I nursed the baby while Josh made us a garlicky salad with shredded lemon chicken, I used the arm of the couch as my table, and we scribbled our responses on yellow note pads.

Oh, and he won. Or at least, he thinks he did. Because the truth is, no matter how many of my predictions were wrong, having my two favorite humans in one place, watching those gorgeous (or not so…) dresses float down the carpet, and kicking off another awards season with cuddles in our warm and darling new apartment, made me the true winner of the night.

Cheers to a Sunday well spent, and the perfect kickoff to a cold week filled with promise.

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