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On Routines & Coffee

This post originally appeared on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.

Josh and I have (I should be knocking on wood) been blessed with a (for the most part) amazing sleeper. Born at almost nine pounds, Willow was making it “through the night” if you count midnight to six am (I did) as “through the night.” We’ve had her in her crib since the first night home, and I honestly believe that the routine we created is working. Naps were another story, but a work in progress. As soon as she reached 3 months old, I started inching back her bedtime and still pushing for an afternoon snooze. Her first week as a five-month-old, we had three days in a row of two naps, sleeping 8 pm to 7 am, and generalized sweetness all day long. I high-fived myself. I committed to more freelance work. I blew my hair out. Did a few planks on the living room floor.


And then I took a trip to my mom’s.

Suddenly, the specific white noise we’ve been using is out of reach (all our worldly goods are in transit). Her warm, dark room (Willow’s nursery had no windows) is a thing of the past. Family and friends want to see her. Car rides are being planned around rest periods. It’s Day Three of post-sleep chaos and I feel like telling my last-weeks’-self to shove it. (Gloating, well-rested b*tch.)

Last night and for the two prior, Willow reverted to her newborn sleep patterns, snoozing in 2-3 hour chunks and then waking up to eat. Here without Josh, I feel like I haven’t slept since Friday night. (Well, that’s because I haven’t). And as the cruelest curse of all, you b-feeding mamas feel me when I say the coffee situation is tough. I have to guzzle mine down directly after the morning feed and then pray she’ll nap long enough for the bulk of it to wear off. The more caffeine in my system, the less sleep in both our futures.

This weepy, sleep-deprived new mama is wondering: When you travel with your little ones, what are some tips for adhering somewhat to their established routines? And please, I beg you … tell me that when we’re settled in our new place next week, I can get back to the awesome patterns we worked so hard to set?

Send coffee!

Love, Me.

{and with that smile, the night is forgotten}

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