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New Mama Fashion from Figure 8 Maternity

This post was originally published on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

I try to live a life without regrets, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I’d discovered Figure 8 Maternity as a preggo. This smart site brings together a ton of the top brands, and some others you haven’t heard of, to pool all of your maternity, postpartum, and nursing essentials in one place. They also offer a ton of baby basics like carriers, shoes, and toys, so really — from the minute you get pregnant until your little is toddling around, this is a site you’ll want to frequent.


At 16 weeks postpartum, I’m feeling pretty good, but the bod remains a work in progress. And since I work at home and am on full-time Mom duty, comfort is key these days. For my first order from Figure 8, I opted for a pair of high-waisted support leggings by Blanqi and an awesome nursing top. What I love about the leggings is that they’re definitely smoothing but not restrictive. I imagine I would have absolutely lived in these if I’d had them right after giving birth when my midsection was in so much residual pain, and most pants hit right at the worst spot. These go up really high to give you that protected feeling you liked when you had a bump, while providing gentle support. Best of all, they passed my bend-over test. My wear-them-everywhere approach to leggings requires them to be decent enough to wear in public without an undie reveal. Check these out, and browse a ton of other legging options on the site.


Up top, things are complicated. I’m nursing Willow so I need easy access to the boobs, but most of the nursing tanks I’ve found are not slimming, and none of the slimming tanks I’ve found are nursing-friendly. My Boob Slimming Nursing Singlet is my favorite acquisition since becoming a mom. It seriously sculpts my midsection down to its pre-baby glory, but allows for easy nursing thanks to the clip function on the straps. I have the black and definitely need to get the white ASAP for summer. I promise you guys, I do not look as good in the middle without this tank as I do here. Highly recommend this little wonder.

Preggos, check the extensive selection of chic options available at Figure 8. And for nursing mamas like me, a reversible shawl is everything. They also have a whole section of postpartum shapewear for your slimming pleasure. I love how the site is laid out to help you find what you need, but also features a smart search function for more targeted shopping. With a vast inventory and plenty of information on each product, you can shop Figure 8 with confidence. Have fun exploring this one-stop shop for all things during, after, and with baby. And let me know what you got!


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