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Natural Wedding Makeup Inspiration

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

This post originally appeared as Big Day Beauty, Naturally on our old site Born to be a Bride.

I had a lot of interest from readers on last week’s braid item, so I thought I’d follow up with some more beauty inspiration. Of course every bride wants to look her absolute best when she gets married. Many factors (pimples, dark circles, dry patches, swelling) can be out of your control. But I feel strongly that if you plan ahead, have a trial with a makeup artist you love who is good at recreating and editing his/her own work, and ensure the right tools are on hand, there is little to nothing that can’t be perfected for your wedding.

My makeup trial will take place in May so I have some time. I tend to wear a ton of makeup (I’m a girly-girl and a beauty writer, can you blame me?). My mom gets on me about my preference for thick black eyeliner top and bottom, and about eight sweeps of mascara per eye. Then there’s the major pimple cover-up, the blush and the gooey pink lipstick. I try different looks all the time and even bum around the house or take the dog out bare-faced sometimes (this NEVER would have happened two years ago), but for the big day, I want big makeup. So sue me!

Here’s the rub. Josh likes a “natural” look. Ah, men. They think they like natural, but do they realize that natural means boobs that don’t just stick strait up in perfect mounds, tummies always sucked, hair that’s naturally multifaceted in color and ultra-shiny in texture? Eyes that never look tired and lashes that are long, dark and thick? No. Men like enhanced-natural. The natural effect that’s been perfected with the use of cosmetics and wardrobe tricks.

So, the goal with the bridal look is to soften everything. I want major lashes, but not in the Kim Kardashian vein. I think chocolate liner and bronze shadow are better than a typical smoky eye, and I’ll finish things off with pink blush in lieu of brown, and pale lips in favor of anything too punchy or trendy. Here are some ideas. What are your favorite bridal beauty looks? Here is some of my wedding makeup inspiration:



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