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Mama, You Need Care Too!

We hear it so often because it is so true - moms do everything for everyone, and then for themselves too.

Even if they have a supportive and loving family and partner - everything usually falls to the mama's shoulders.

Part and parcel of having children is that you already know you will be giving a considerable amount of yourself to raising them - and raising them well. You are putting everyone before yourself means that you push back your health and wellness from time to time.

But you can’t pour from an empty cup - so stop trying!

Here are a few things you should be doing to keep your health in tip-top condition.

Stay active

It is funny to tell an already active mom that they need to be involved. But there is a difference between running around after your children all day and having 30 minutes or an hour of personal workout time.

Personal workout time can offer a very relaxing way to spend time. It allows us to think, move, and work out any frustrations.

Stress levels

We don’t always notice how high our stress levels are until we explode at something that ordinarily wouldn’t matter. Stress is part and parcel of parenting for most people: the sleepless nights, upset tummies, first school days, and more.

We go through everything our children go through with them, and it can be challenging to see when our stress levels are getting too high.

Hobbies like reading, walking and painting positively impact our stress levels. Just remember that chronic stress can lead to other more serious health conditions.


The aching shoulder, the knee that hasn’t been right since you twisted it all those years ago. Putting off anything medical can lead to long-term complications, and these can impact your family in a much more significant and more profound way.

Sometimes it is not that we don’t want to go, but past experiences have meant we are worried; in that case, contact ​​a medical malpractice attorney - and find a new medical team. You need healthcare.

Time for Yourself

You might not have time to go to a spa for the weekend, but you must have some time for yourself each day. The moment away from your responsibilities will have you rejuvenated and ready to get back to it.

Try to make sure that the time to yourself is entirely alone and blocked out in the weekly rota every week.


In the early stages of motherhood, it can feel like there is no space to rest because those beautiful babies are up every few hours. And then, as they grow, we find ourselves staying up later - so that we can! The biggest threat though isn’t sitting for hours in the evening - it is feeling well-rested and relaxed.

Skip the Netflix marathon and late-night snack, and instead, go to bed and get some of the luxurious rest we all need.

Sometimes it can be comforting to read the experiences of other mothers, even more, when the babies are young. If you do, this is the post for you: On Mothering Young Children.


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