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Make Your Home Pest-Proof This Winter

Midwinter has arrived and you might be thinking that all those summer pests and home invaders are no longer an issue. On the other hand you might have noticed more flies, ants, or spiders in your home than usual. This is because the cold weather brings different animals into your home in winter and for different reasons. Below are some of the most common winter pests and what you can do.

Carpenter Ants

It's quite common to find ants in the summer, they are usually outside on the path, over at the bins, or even in your kitchen. Because of the weather they are everywhere looking for bots of food and material for their nests. You will expect to see them in the summer.

In the winter it's a different story. The appearance of ants in your home probably indicates they are inside somewhere building a nest. Try to identify the type and follow them to the source. Contact pest control to remove it.

Cluster Fly

Cluster flies are the common blue or black flies you find in the summer zipping around. They are very unhygienic and can easily spread disease. If you notice them in your house in winter it means you have a nest somewhere that needs to be taken away.

Like other animals, flies enter your home in the winter months to seek shelter from the cold conditions. They can survive much longer in this environment and will usually build a nest in your walls. If you see these flies during winter this is what has happened.


It's possible to have mice in your home during the summer months, but unlikely. Mice like to live outdoors in small burrows where they raise their young and avoid predators. In the winter, however, they find their way into your home.

This means the most likely time for home invasion is in the winter when the temperature is too cold for them to live comfortably into their burrows. This winter excursion can cause you some issues with germs, droppings, and food.


Some people love rats for pets. They are extremely intelligent animals and friendly too. Some rats make awesome pets. Many don't. Rats were first brought to US soil in ships in the 17th and 18th century. They breed fast and carry disease.

If you have the non-pet rats in your home you will want to deal with the issue right away as it could cause injury and illness. You don't want you or your family to get bitten by one or sick from touching objects. Call a pest service right away.


Spiders come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are tiny and harmless, others big and poisonous. In the US there are thousands of different species, and all of them can get into your home during winter and cause problems.

When the cold weather begins, spiders, like other creatures, retreat into people's homes for warmth, survival, and to breed. Spiders are small enough to gain access through tiny cracks and holes and set up nests in your walls. If you notice more spiders than usual in winter this is the reason.


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