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Little Changes That Will Have A Big Impact On Your Home’s Sustainability

The truth is that today, we live in a time where there’s as much emphasis on having an eco-friendly home - or at least a sustainable one - as there is on having a stylish home. The issue is for a lot of families, the concept of creating a more sustainable home seems like an overly expensive or stressful one. However, that doesn’t have to be the case at all - there are plenty of ways that you can make your home more sustainable with simple, easy changes.

Keen to create a home that’s a little bit more sustainable and will help to protect your little one’s future world? Have a read of the tips and ideas below to gain a little inspiration into some changes that you could make!

Photo source: Pixabay

Only buy eco-friendly paint

Did you know that normal paint is extremely toxic, not only to you and your family but also to the environment? When it comes to making our homes more eco-friendly, very few of us consider that the paint in our homes could be having an impact, however the fact is that it could be. So, when it next comes to painting an area of your home, opt to buy eco-friendly paint that doesn't emit toxic fumes or damage the environment. The great thing about eco-friendly paints is the fact that they come in a diverse range of colours and aren’t too expensive either.

Go green with your flooring

This is a super simple change you can make - when it comes to swapping out your old flooring for a replacement, opt to pick out a green alternative. Normally, the first thing on your mind when it comes to selecting flooring is most likely the style and design of the flooring, however you should try and keep the environment at the forefront of your mind. There are lots of companies that specialise in sustainably sourced flooring - it’s just a case of finding them. If you’re going to swap out your old flooring, then you might also want to consider looking for deals on underfloor heating. Underfloor heating reduces the amount of energy needed to heat your home, helping to cut your home’s energy costs and carbon emissions.

Buy second-hand where possible

Instead of swapping old furniture for brand new pieces, consider doing your bit to help the environment and opting for second-hand pieces of furniture instead. Believe it or not, second-hand furniture can be just as stylish and smart as brand new furniture, it just may require a slight design overhaul, that’s all. Just make sure that when it comes to overhauling your second-hand furniture, that you opt for eco-friendly furniture paint. By choosing to recycle and reuse older furniture, you can help limit the environmental damage you’re doing to the world.

There you have it, a few simple, easy hacks for ways in which you can make small changes in your home that will have a big impact on yours’, your family’s and your home’s sustainability in the long-term.


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