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La Luna di Miele: Our Honeymoon in Italy

This post was originally published on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

Our honeymoon was exquisite. I don’t think that being a writer by profession and by passion is capable of providing me with the words to describe the magical two weeks we spent in Italy. My husband’s planning and execution from the logistics to the fun were absolutely on-point. After months of my own planning like a maniac, I was able to see his hard work put into action. And I only had to plan a weekend! Impressive.

In lieu of a long and detailed account of every single thing we saw and did, how about some highlight photos with nice, long captions? You down? Great. Here goes:

First night in Lake Como at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Prosecco and chocolate-covered strawberries to welcome us to our honeymoon. We were exhausted but excited–all the fun about to begin!
Taking a hike on the mountain behind our hotel. Please note I was not dressed for hiking, but it hardly mattered. The view from the point about ten minutes after this shot was taken, was absolutely incredible.
Best birthday ever. My husband(!) chartered a private boat to take us on a tour of Lake Como. Romance and joy, through and through.
Gluten-free pasta in Bellagio on Lake Como. It definitely does not taste this good in the States–factor in the fact that I hadn’t touched a carb in several months. This was a delicious moment followed by lots of shopping, and some wine.
Touring the grounds at Villa D’Este en route to Lake Maggiore. Such beauty all around us… and a 30 Euro bowl of soup to follow!
This handsome guy took me from Lake Como to Lake Maggiore, where we stayed in a castle! This was one of our favorite meals…. if it’s possible to even list the favorites.
Final and most luxurious stop on the trip–six days at the legendary Il Pellicano off the Tuscan coast. When I tell you this place made me certain I could live in Italy for the rest of my life without looking back, I am serious.
Moon reflecting off the water on our final night in Tuscany/Porto Ercole. It was even more exquisite in person if you can believe it. Magic!


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