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Kid-Proof Ways To Style Your Family Home

Image courtesy of Unsplash

If your expensive coffee table doesn't have sharp corners, you might need to make a compromise. Just because you have kids doesn't mean you have to compromise on your unique taste or style. In all honesty though, designing a room that is both chic and sippy cup-friendly requires a keen eye. It is important to give the interior design of family room ideas just as much thought as we would the rest of the house because these areas are ideal for entertaining, family get-togethers, and even quiet moments of relaxation.

While more formal living room ideas for entertaining visitors may belong in the first reception room, movie nights rule supreme in the family room, where the kids may play their favorite board games, and where the whole family can unwind in each other's presence.

Are you looking for a place that is both calm and family-friendly? These ideas will assist in creating a space that is enjoyable for the entire family.

Maximize storage in a family room

We are more conscious than ever of the need for space as we spend more time at home. The once-forgotten family rooms are now being revived as peaceful retreats or multipurpose living (and entertaining) areas. The family room, perhaps not the 1 bedroom apartment, is currently where there is the most demand. Homeowners desire a vibrant environment where they can rest after a long day and also one where they can take full advantage of the extra family time that has been available to us all in recent months. Unsure where to start here? Have a read about some simple ways to create a feature for your living room to hopefully spark some inspiration.

Factor technology into your plans

Give people a place to have fun without sacrificing style. Most family rooms include a TV and other electronics, from Wi-Fi to background music, and the trend is toward completely disguised solutions. Don't allow a TV to ruin the elegance of your living room. Invest in a TV that seamlessly integrates into the background without detracting from the rest of the design, and make sure to keep cords hidden inside walls or behind cabinets.

Alternately, if you're installing a TV on a wall of storage in your living room, leave enough area in case you wish to upgrade to a larger model. Avoid leaving a gap that is too wide because it will make your TV appear oddly small.

Frame your children’s art

The best artwork created by your children should be framed and proudly displayed. This will enable you to preserve their works for all time and can appear elegant when done by a professional using simple, contemporary frames and then set in a traditional floor-to-ceiling grid. Additionally, you could also keep family pictures in a more private area, such as a hallway leading to bedrooms or perhaps a child's playroom. In this manner, the major rooms can continue to be a little spiffier and cleaner. And if hiding your family photos makes you unhappy, create books that highlight vacations or important events and carefully choose a neutral book cover to go with any interior design theme.


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