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Keeping Your Kids Entertained This Holiday Season: 4 Ways Technology Can Help

As parents, we are always taught that technology is bad for our little ones. And, having the duty always to find what is best for their happiness and development, we have started to believe so. Of course, hours of gaming and playing on a smartphone does not help or encourage social skills, but not all aspects of technology have to be necessarily negative.

And, as a winter ruled by social distancing measures and limited opportunities for parties and gatherings approach, finding a way to keep your little ones entertained is paramount. So, with the right balance, why not discovering together the ways tech can help? Here are some kid-friendly activities for the family.

Can Enhance Learning Through Online Activities

One of the greatest benefits of having access to the Internet is that we have free access to endless information and notions. Using this tool for educational purposes can be a great way for your little ones to learn more in a way that is entertaining and exciting. Thanks to more engaging systems, kids can learn anything from the alphabet to geography. However, it is crucial for parents to find such resources and make learning a family activity - something that you might like to enjoy together even in the “new normal.”

Can Improve Language Skills and Creativity

Finding ways to inspire creativity and boost your kids’ ability to express themselves is not always easy. Luckily, technology has opened up a wide range of opportunities for your little ones, both in the classroom and outside. For example, projects such as creating, illustrating, and writing a book with their schoolmates can be an excellent way to give them the chance to express themselves - while cultivating important social skills and working as part of a team. If you are interested in a similar project for your kids, you can find out more here.

Virtual Tours Can Help Them Discover More of the World

With travel restricted to a minimum and zoos and parks still closed, you can leverage the opportunity to show your little ones the beauty of the world. Kids-friendly virtual tours, live videos, and online safaris projects are a great opportunity for the whole family to discover something more and enjoy time together.

For this, projects such as Atlanta Zoo and Discovery Educations are among the best resources for parents to leverage. However, you can also find local virtual tours worth exploring! Or, if your kids have a special interest, Google Arts and Culture show you the beauty of national parks, volcanos, and glaciers.

Can Spark the Love for Books


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