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Keeping Your Child Safe From Birth Onwards

It’s human nature for parents to want to keep their children safe. Even before they’re born, parents want to protect their babies, and the instinct doesn’t go away as they get older. Here are a few things that may help you.

Stay Healthy

Before your baby is born, there are plenty of steps that expectant parents can take to ensure that their child is as healthy and safe and possible. Simply put, the healthier you are, the healthier your pregnancy will be. Eating well and maintaining a regular exercise routine will help you, as will cutting down on caffeine and cutting out drug use, including alcohol and smoking.

More specifically, you should see your doctor as soon as possible and arrange for regular checkups. Your doctor or midwife may have specific advice for you, depending on your circumstances and the health of your baby.

Baby Proofing

After your baby is born, you’re sure to notice that they don’t have much of an understanding of danger. Children are naturally curious and, as soon as your baby can crawl, they can get into trouble.

Baby proofing refers to the practice of making sure that your house has as few of these dangers as possible. Sharp and hard corners that your toddler or baby may fall onto can be lined with foam. Bottles and containers containing medications or other potentially dangerous substances should be kept away from where your child can get to them and secure.

Toddlers explore the world with their mouths, so it’s easy for them to choke on small parts. Toys should be age-appropriate and non-toxic. You can check the label for safety information that will help you. The best trick is to always be aware of where your child can go and where they are.

Baby Monitors

Speaking of keeping an eye on where your child is, many parents struggle when it comes to bedtime. No matter how much you may want them to, your baby can’t sleep in a bassinet in your room forever. Eventually, they’ll need to transition to their own rooms and a crib.

In these cases, you might be anxious when you can’t see or hear your baby next to you. Even though your baby sleeping in another room should make you sleep better, it can be difficult. Many parents find that a baby monitor makes them feel more secure, as they know that their baby is perfectly fine even in another room.

Car Seats

At some point, your family will be traveling in a vehicle. A car seat is the only way to keep your child safe from any collisions and to support them as you drive. The best car seats can be adjusted as your baby grows so that they can accommodate a toddler and even a child until they no longer need a car seat.

These aren’t the only ways to keep your child safe, and your techniques will always change as they grow older, but these methods can be a great start.


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