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Is It Time To Go Camping In The Australian Outback?

Photo: Unsplash

Ready to get outta dodge? Me, too! After this crazy year of staying home, reorganizing, reconnecting, and reflecting... there is nothing I want more than a plane ticket and a week or two to be anywhere but inside my own house. Australia is an untouched country, waiting to be discovered. It is the perfect location for thrill seekers and adventurers. If you have ever considered traveling with the family before, then here are some places to pop on your Australian travel bucket list. They're definitely going on mine!

Explore the Garden of Eden at Kings Canyon

One of the most important things during your outback adventure in Australia is to climb the edge of Kings Canyon. Although the first ascent can be quite intense, there is a relatively flat terrain afterwards until the descent. This canyon is about 6 km long and the Kings Canyon Rim Walk Takes about 3-4 hours. When you finally reach the top, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the abyss below. The surrounding landscape during the hike is also fantastic and worth every visit. The walls of the King's Gorges are more than 100 m high and at the foot of the river is Kings Creek. Here you can descend to the Garden of Eden, where you can find a permanent watering hole, surrounded by magnificent nature. Plant life is in abundance here, so it is a wonderful place to teach children. If you're lucky, you'll also see kangaroos taking a nap or drinking there. You should also know that the Kings Canyon is another aboriginal sacred place and has been inhabited by the Luritja tribe for more than 20,000 years.

Explore Adels Grove & Lawn Hill National Park

This national park offers stunning sandstone cliffs with deep gorges carved into a limestone plateau. It contrasts with the hostile Australian outback and once you enter this sacred Aboriginal territory, it's teeming with life, water and lush green trees. The best way to explore the park is to take a walk along the picturesque hiking trail and then explore the gorges by canoe. This is also a great place to swim as its water is colored by minerals from the canyon and has the perfect temperature. You should also know that freshwater crocodiles live in the area. Although they are not a danger to humans, they can nevertheless scare unsuspecting visitors. Perhaps you want to stay here and camp. You can find local camping sites but be sure to have the best equipment with you. Make Your Camping Trip Comfortable by buying the best essentials.

Visit Mount Isa

This mountain is located in western Queensland and is an active mining town. Everything revolves around the mine and you will see in the evening how it is completely illuminated. This city also offers many attractions such as the seasonal rodeos, the visitor center, and Lake Moondarra that you can visit. Mount Isais also a great place to enjoy the sunset with your loved ones.


The Australian outback covers most of the country, but you are likely to find plenty of humans around on your trop too! During your adventure in this region, you will be surprised how many great natural beauties, animals and plants you will find here! It is a beautiful family destination.


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