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Is It Possible To Increase Your Free Time With So Much On Your Plate?

Busy parents, busy employees, busy people, we all occupy various roles and they always have a lot on their plate to handle. If we wish to enjoy a good life with all of the benefits that come with good decisions, we have to work at them. It’s nice to have a partner in life, for instance, but relationships take work and time to get right.

From time to time, we may realize that we have less free time than we thought, and even if we have some, it tends to dissipate quickly. Or at least this is how it feels. It’s hard to sit back and read a book you’ve been wanting to dive into for some time when we’re worried about the bills coming tomorrow, for instance, or know that we have to go and run five errands this evening.

But if we don’t have the choice to increase our free time, at least right now, is it possible to increase the perception of our free time and how well it helps us from day to day? In this post, we’ll discuss all of that and more:

Meditation & Exercise

Meditation and exercise take time to partake in. That much is true. But you’d be astonished as to how much they can help you enjoy your free time so that it feels more rewarding, longer, and more deeply experienced. Meditation helps us focus, allows us to enjoy stillness of mind, and presence. Exercise helps absolve our stress, boosts our mood, and allows us to live more healthy. It’s not hard to see how the deepening quality of your free time can help it feel so much more restorative in that light. Fitness 19 might be the place your journey can start.

Time-Planning & Routine

Of course, time-planning is important if we hope to be productive, and it’s a good idea to be productive with your free time too. A routine can help with this. If you always attend to laundry during the first two hours of your Sunday morning, for instance, then it’s done, out of the way, and saves you time from doing it here and there. The same goes for cleaning, as doing a 15 minute clean up every other day can help you keep your home in good condition. What matters is routine, so that you keep on top of your tasks without any of them removing your free time unjustly.

Enlisting Help & Automating Small Tasks

It’s a great idea to enlist help from time to time, to the degree that this is reasonable. For instance, asking your children to clean parts of the house can be a good way for them to earn some money from you, which they can then save. Automating small tasks, like cooking a large pot of a certain recipe, freezing that, and then heating it up during your lunch at work can mean you don’t have to bother going to the store to purchase something every lunchtime - saving you money and time in kind.

With this advice, you’re certain to increase your free time, even with so much on your plate to deal with from day to day.


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