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How to Rock Your Wedding Dress Fitting

This post originally appeared as Fitting Musings on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

Once you’ve selected your dress, you’ll schedule fittings to take place as advised by your consultant. And, of course, at the end of the line is your “final fitting.” This is the one that struck fear into my heart, as I’d worked obsessively for seven months to get my body into the shape I wanted it, but some garments just don’t lie. With absolutely no boning, corset-pulls, or even a solid lining, this nightgown-like dress had to fit perfectly or it would be a disaster.

The morning of my fitting I eschewed food in lieu of a coconut water and nervously tapped my foot as Mom and I sat in the waiting area at Pronovias on what we soon realized would be our last outing together before I’d be married.


It turns out my worries were all for naught — the dress was actually big and needed an extra inch nipped off at the waist before the wedding. When I picked it up at the end of the day and lovingly placed its fancy garment bag in the backseat of our rental car, I couldn’t believe it. This was my wedding dress! Eek!

For success at your fittings, I would like to suggest some things I realized after my first one, but not too late to rectify for future visits. Here are tips from someone who just went through it:

1. Bring multiple undie options. Whether or not you’re going for Spanx, try a shorty, brief and thong. You may think I sound a little nuts right now, but your preferred typical style might not be the one you like best in your dress. I hate shorties in general, but ended up wearing them on the big day to keep a smooth line through the hips, so there you go!

2. Wear a tiny bit of makeup but nothing that will stain your dress. I guarantee that your mom, maid of honor, little bro (speaking of myself here, clearly!) or whomever else joins you, will want to take photos. And you do not want to look horrid in these, even if there is a no-posting ban on them. You’ll need them for your scrapbook later. I made sure to cover up my blemishes and throw on a sweep of mascara. But foundation, liquid liner, gloss, etc can inadvertently stain your gown, which will be reallyfrustrating. Avoid that!

3. Decide on your nudity policy ahead of time and stick with it. I am not a naked person. I put on my sports bra at the gym with a shirt still on, and even can change underpants without removing my tights. Since my gown was backless and I’d be without a bra, I decided ahead of time to have one and only one female family member in the changing room with me, in addition to the seamstress. If everyone is in there prodding at you and you start to feel uncomfortable, it can be stressful for you and guilt-inducing for the crowd.

4. Make a day of it. These moments are so precious and they’ll never return! For each fitting, I had a designated buddy (or three) and we had a plan for the rest of the day. Pronovias is right next to Fig and Olive, a place my family loves. So, after fitting two with Mom, Noah and Pookie in tow, we headed next door and had a glass of wine. One of my fittings was the day of my bachelorette party, so Pookie and I went to Sally Hershberger afterward for blowouts.


I will always look back on these thrilling fitting appointments through a loving lens. The moments I spent stark naked teetering in a five-inch pair of hot pink patent Valentino shoes and willing my curves to appear their slenderist, are never to be repeated, but were glorious in their own terrifying way.

Oh, and one more tip. Do not bring your Starbucks into the bridal salon. It’s not only tacky, but can be disastrous.


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