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How To Prioritise Your Home DIY

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

When it comes to your home DIY jobs, they can quickly pile up, leaving you with a huge list of things to do, so where do you start? How do you decide which jobs need to be done first so that you can get started and stop putting it off?

Safety First

If there's anything that needs fixing that could have an effect on your family's safety, then this is what comes first. Think smoke alarms, childproofing your home, safe and warmer window installation and any other doors or locks that need to be secured - these should be first on the list. Also, look at things like your carpet, is there a bit that you could trip up on and hurt yourself? Is there anything in the kitchen that could cause potential danger to any of your family? Do you have a fire guard? Anything that could pose a risk, fix it. You'll thank yourself for it later.

Permanent Damage

If there's anything in your home that needs fixing and without it will cause permanent damage, then this is next. For example, if you find yourself with a leaking roof and water dripping from the ceiling, then don't just put a bucket out to collect the water, repair the roof. Otherwise, the water will ruin your ceiling, damage the floor, and could have a real effect on your home's structure. Similarly, if your pipes freeze, take the necessary steps to thaw them out. Because being left without water is no good for anyone.

Health Hazards

Similar to safety in your home, it is also vital that you have a healthy home. If you are worried about the safety of your water, the quality of your air, or the presence of asbestos or lead in your home, take steps to alleviate the problems that you might have and make your house a healthy home.

Make Smart Upgrades

Think carefully about the DIY you're doing in your home and make sure that you make smart decisions and do things that will ultimately save you money. For example, if you can do some work that will reduce energy and water consumption, then this is ideal. Make relatively easy, low-cost improvements that offer significant results, for example, painting, wallpapering, and changing fixtures can be easy but make a huge difference to your home.

Annoying Repairs

Everyone has those annoying jobs that need doing, but over time you get used to the fact that the lock on the bathroom doesn't work, or that you have to open a door a certain way or that the floor creaks. However, the sooner you fix these things, the happier everyone in the household will be. Fix that hole in the wall, replace the outdated light fixture, and repair the mouldings.


Once you've done all those important things, then build yourself a hide-away or if that's too much work then just put up a hammock so that you can relax for a bit after all your hard work.


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