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How To Prevent Mold From Spreading In Your Home

Mold is one of the most frequent complaints from many homeowners. The word itself just sounds disgusting, and it’s even more disgusting when you see it in or around your home. I’m not talking about the type of mold you get in food, I’m talking about the stuff that has a tendency to grow in damp environments throughout your house.

It’s a problem for three reasons:

  1. It looks horrible and can ruin a room

  2. It can contain allergens that affect anyone in your house with allergies

  3. It is an absolute pain to get rid of and usually requires professional help

All things considered, you want to prevent mold from spreading in your home as much as possible. Here are a few of my top tips:

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Ventilate your home

Ventilation is vital as it lets air escape your home and prevents instances where it can basically steam up. This is most common in the bathroom and kitchen, where you generate steam from hot water. However, thanks to your body heat and the central heating system, it’s not uncommon to see windows steaming up in the living room or bedroom. Opening the windows allows for any steam to escape and prevents it from condensing on windows or walls. If this were to happen, then the moisture from the condensation is a breeding ground for mold spores!

Check your roof

Your roof is a hotbed for mold as it can grow on it or inside the attic. This is obviously because rainwater can fall onto the roof and not get properly drained away. As such, it sinks into the roofing material and can find its way into your attic. Check your roof for any signs of mold or for any breaches that need to be filled up. Ideally, you should upgrade to something like an asphalt roof as this material is designed to be mold-resistant. It will stop mold from spawning on the outside of your roof as well as on the inside. Obviously, get any leaks fixed as well!

Dry wet surfaces

Most mold will generate thanks to wet areas in your home. Again, this is why the kitchen, bathroom, and attic are very common problem areas. To prevent mold from rearing its ugly head, you need to keep surfaces dry. Ventilation helps, but you will likely have to physically dry your bathroom, kitchen, and any other problem areas. This can easily be done by using a cloth to mop up any spills or wipe away wetness from walls/ceilings/windows. The sooner you do this, the less chance there is of mold forming. Make it part of your regular routine: after showering or washing up, use a towel to dry the surrounding area.

There you go, those are my top three tips to prevent mold from spreading in your home. Can you ever 100% prevent mold from forming? It’s not impossible, but it is a challenge! However, these tips will definitely reduce the chances of it living in your home, and you should be more conscious of spotting it as well. Mold can be cleaned away in its early stages, so be sure to get rid of it at the earliest signs!


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