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How To Keep Your Home More Hygienic

Any family will have likely noticed that once a child in your children’s classroom becomes ill, everyone does. This is often because children are fantastic at spreading bacteria, such as through touching their nose or coughing into their hands, playing with the toys or touching other children, and so on and so forth. Of course, we can’t particularly blame them with too much of a condemnatory tone, they’re just children and this is bound to happen sooner or later.

Carpet Cleaning

You’d be surprised just how dirty a home carpet can get, even in a relatively well put together home run by a couple that truly do care about their surroundings. It’s not your fault. If you have pets or children it’s not hard to see how this can accumulate. Sometimes even a light carpet can take on darker tones just through activity, and moving furniture can sometimes cause scuff marks or for tension to show in its appearance. We’ve all spilled wine or dropped food on our carpets too, and while we may have cleaned up using a solution like white wine or domestic carpet products, we may not have completely cleaned up the mess.

Carpet cleaning as a professional service is worth its weight in gold, and the effects are often stunningly measurable if you manage to compare both states, before and after. Using a service like this once a year or so can help you retain the freshness, vitality, appearance and neutral scent of your carpet, and it can also increase how hygienic the floor space is to begin with.

Disinfecting Toys & Cases

Think about how many times your children may play with their toys in the space of a day, how they may put them in their mouths or touch them without washing their hands. Think about how many times you’ve finished eating food and have grabbed a blu-ray case to enjoy an animated film for the evening. Think about how many times you’ve touched certain implements in your house such as a television remote, or keyboard, or other accessories and peripherals. It can take a little time, but giving these a once-over with some antibacterial wipes can help you remove the built-up grime or bacteria that may be sitting in these areas, and that in itself can prove useful for many. You’ve likely plenty of other chores and responsibilities to take care of so we do apologize, but this can be a great idea to pass the time with a podcast and to ensure your home is refreshed and cleaned, even in the smaller areas.

Power Washing

Power washing is also important from time to time. For instance, your garage floor may be concrete and due to all of the workshed tools you have stored there, the weather conditions outside and how many times you’ve parked your car within this space, grime may have built up in the flooring. The same goes for your garden path or patio, or your outside decking. A power washing unit can be a great thing to use, because it completely blasts the grime away and allows you to see the surface underneath. This may even help certain areas of your house feel brand new, and that can be a confidence builder as a property owner.

We’d recommend heading to this subreddit to see just how worthwhile this process can be.


Damp can be a real problem of its own, and it may be hard to identify. But if you smell a slight smell of moisture and rot, then you may have it. If you see intense dark patterns forming in your wallpaper, you may have it. It’s also best to check for it in bathrooms and in moisture-filled rooms that are less ventilated. With your ability to continually check for damp, you will be able to contact a professional service for removal, which will shield you from breathing in the toxins often distributed in this problem area.

With this advice, we hope your home will remain as hygienic as possible!


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