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How To Cut Your Utility Bills Today

With the cost of energy, gas and water rising like never before, there’s no time like the present to start reducing your utility bills so that you can protect your hard earned cash.

Fortunately, this handy guide contains some of the best steps that you can follow to slowly but surely cut the cost of your utility bills. You’ll be able to save cash without having to forfeit your quality of life, so what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more now!

Change Your Windows 

One of the best options that you can explore to dramatically cut the cost of your monthly utility bills is to change your windows. Windows are some of the worst culprits when it comes to heat loss at home, as older styles offer little insulation or protection during the cold winter months. You’ll notice a real chill if you keep using worn out windows that are in need of an upgrade, and you’ll have to pump out far more heat than necessary just to compensate. When you make the decision to upgrade your windows to a more advanced version you’ll notice a near immediate improvement in your home's heat retention. Upgrading to double or even triple glazing is the best way to go, as this way you can ensure that your new windows will stand strong against the frosty temperatures. Be sure to find a reputable company such as Door County Window Supplies that stock the top standard of windows, as this way you can rest assured knowing the money that you spent on installation will easily be recovered in the coming months through lowered utility bills. 

Use Less Water 

Using less water often seems easier said than done, but actually there are lots of easy steps that you can follow that can make a big difference. For starters, choosing to turn the tap off while you brush your teeth could save you gallons of water every single year. To add to this, shaving 5 minutes off your shower time can also be of real benefit for your water bill! Convincing your kids to understand and respect the value of water can also help you to control the cost of your bills, as they may be tempted to ‘play’ in the sink with the taps on full blast. If you currently buy bottled water to use at home, then one of the best money saving solutions is to invest in a good quality water filter instead. This way, you can use your own water at home even if it’s not the best, as you can simply filter it (more than once if required) spending far less in the process compared with countless plastic water bottles. You can also be creative with the ‘wastewater’ that you end up with in certain situations - for example, rather than simply throwing your dog's water bowl down the drain whenever it needs replacing, you can use it to water your indoor plants instead!

Cook Outside 

Last but by no means least, when was the last time that you cooked outside? Cooking outside needs nothing but wood or charcoal, and this is far more affordable than keeping your oven or hob on for hours on end. Cooking outside is considerably cheaper than cooking inside, and you can get a totally authentic flavor that you would never be able to achieve in a bog standard oven. You can build or buy your own barbecue, depending on your budget, needs and timescale. To build, you’ll need some heat proof bricks and a suitable grill fixture that you can use as a cooking surface. When buying pre-made, look for a barbecue that’s sturdy and strong - some are ridiculously cheap and flimsy, and having to replace your barbecue after just a few months will not help you to save cash. Cooking outside is an excellent way to cut the cost of your utility bills, but just make sure you get the right grill for your family’s requirements!

Final Thoughts 

Figuring out how to cut the cost of your utility bills has never been such a simple task when you can utilize some of the amazing ideas detailed above. You can start by replacing your windows for a set with improved insulation, and follow steps to reduce your water usage too. Don’t forget to master the art of cooking outside so that you don’t have to spend money on electric ovens, as this can make a real difference to your monthly outgoings! 


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